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Trendy Tuesday - Lycra Phone Wallets

Lycra Promotional Phone Wallets

Our featured Trendy Tuesday product is a unique promotional phone wallet because it is made out of Lycra material. Lycra is stretchy and soft, which helps it to slip in and out of your pocket easier than the more common silicone phone wallets. These are printed with your custom logo and rush production is available. These are great giveaways since most people don't leave home without their phones. These promos allow people to travel lightly without their full wallet or purse. Promotional Lycra Phone Wallets
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Trendy Tuesday - Towel That Stays Cool But Dry

Keep It Cool Towels

These awesome "Keep It Cool" Towels are perfect for your outdoor events, especially in the summer. You just soak the towel in water and it stays cool while remaining dry to the touch. Its great to put around your neck while golfing, at festivals, outdoor concerts, and other outdoor events. Your logo is printed on the plastic storage case. The PVA material of the towel can stay cool for up to 4 hours. Keep It Cool Towel
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Trendy Tuesday - Custom Lunch Tote // Fashionable Lunch Tote

Fashion Lunch Bag

This fashion lunch bag is just the right mix of fashion and functionality. You can advertise your business and look stylish at the same time. The lunch bag includes a zippered main compartment with hard-hinge opening and an open front pocket. It also includes dual carry handles and an ultra safe leak-proof PEVA lining to keep your food and drinks hot or cold for hours. Custom Fashion Lunch Tote
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Trendy Tuesday - Cute Promotional Drawstring Bags

5 Patterned Drawstring Bags

Patterned drawstring backpacks are everywhere we go and useful for carrying a wide variety of items to different locations. The beach, water parks, skating rinks, and many other places. Another great use for these drawstring bags is as a promotional item to advertise your business. People take these bags everywhere which is essentially free advertising for your business. You can also stuff these bags with other great promotional items such as beach towels, flip flops, or a Frisbee. Cute Drawstring Bags
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Trendy Tuesday - Custom Noisemakers


Thundersticks are one the most popular stadium noisemakers, which is why they're being featured today on Trendy Tuesday. These thundersticks are the best noisemakers for any sort of game, from basketball to football to soccer. They include a valve for re-inflation so you can use them over and over again. Additionally, they have a huge imprint area many colors to choose from so your logo is sure to be noticed. Custom Noisemakers -- Thundersticks
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Trendy Tuesday - Custom Speaker Coolers

Encore Music Cooler

Trendy Tuesday offers you the amazing opportunity to see some of the hottest and top selling items in the industry. Today we're featuring the Encore Music Cooler. The cooler features a top bungee cord for additional storage as well as a metal bottle opener attached to the bag so that you can easily open beer and soda. The cooler includes a front zippered pocket with built-in speakers and a jack that is compatible with most MP3 players as well as iPhones and Androids. These custom coolers also come with an adjustable shoulder strap. They have a heat sealed PEVA lining with a 24 can capacity. Includes speaker battery. Royal Blue Encore Music Cooler