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Do you ever feel like you need a little more qi in your life? What is qi? Pronounced CHē. Qi is a word that stems from the Chinese (Mandarin dialect) which literally translated means air or breath. However, the definition is "the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine" - reference Google Dictionary. I often feel I could use a little more "life force" to get through my daily grind!
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Components of a Successful Promotional Products CampaignCompeting in business today requires more strategy than simply handing out promotional products that are branded with your business name. So what does it take to create a successful promotional product giveaway these days? For the best results, your promotional giveaways should have an intended goal. Having random promos to hand out at will certainly has its place, but the most successful promotional campaigns are planned in depth to meet a specific goal with strategies of how that goal will be met. Are you trying to generate traffic to your blog? Are you trying to get new subscribers for your email newsletter? Are you trying to get sales appointments? Are you generating awareness for a new product? A defined goal will help determine your strategy. Below are a few caveats to aim for when creating your marketing campaigns that involve promotional items. You will rarely meet all of these components; however, it is fair say that the more of these objective you meet, the more successful your campaign will be overall.

Components of a Successful Promotional Products Campaign

Trendy Tuesday / 30.12.2014

Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Bluetooth Speaker with Logo The winter season is rough on your lips. The cold wind dries lips and causes them to crack if they are not kept moistened with lip balm. This Trendy Tuesday, our featured product is this unique, double-sided lip balm that is custom printed with your full color imprint. Each end has a different cap color and a different flavor. These trendy promotional items are great giveaways to stand out and give out something just a little different this season. Choose from six different flavor and color combinations. Trendy Tuesday - Double Sided Flavor Lip Balm  

Double Sided Lip Balm Features

Trendy Tuesday / 07.10.2014

Trendy Tuesday is a time for us to showcase some of our big-selling promotional items so you can keep your company giveaways stylish and exciting. Lately, it's all about the pattern and these promotional tote bags definitely show off some great, fashionable patterns. These large totes...