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Promotional Products for Hot DaysI live in Florida and the summers can be brutal. The temps are typically in the mid-90's. However, when you combine the humidity nearing 100% and temperatures in the mid-90's, it makes for a very uncomfortable situation when your home air conditioning unit goes out. As I sit here in the house trying to cool myself by being half-naked under a ceiling fan, it makes me think of several great promotional products for the hot, summer months. The products below are great giveaways for use during outdoor festivals, company picnics, concerts, political rallies, and other outdoor venues to help keep everyone cool. And, of course, they would also be nice for those who have an AC on the fritz!
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Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Tritan Water Bottles

32 oz. Mirage Top Tritan Water Bottles

If you are looking for upscale water bottles, these 32 oz. water bottles certainly fit the bill. They are made of Tritan and are crystal clear. They have a screw on, leak-proof lid and an internal lid that screws off so you can add ice to the bottles. The huge imprint area is great to advertise your logo! Choose from 6 different top colors. 32 oz Mirage Top Promotional Water Bottles
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Trendy Tuesday - Lycra Phone Wallets

Lycra Promotional Phone Wallets

Our featured Trendy Tuesday product is a unique promotional phone wallet because it is made out of Lycra material. Lycra is stretchy and soft, which helps it to slip in and out of your pocket easier than the more common silicone phone wallets. These are printed with your custom logo and rush production is available. These are great giveaways since most people don't leave home without their phones. These promos allow people to travel lightly without their full wallet or purse. Promotional Lycra Phone Wallets
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Trendy Tuesday - Promotional Stun Guns

1.2 Million Volt, 2 Amp Stun Gun

This 1.2 Million Volt, 2 Amp Stun Gun is disguised as a lipstick case. This stun gun is a non-lethal self defense weapon. The low amperage but high voltage quickly and effectively disabling your assailant. Carrying a self defense weapon creates awareness regarding your security and safety. It also gives you a self confidence knowing that you could defend yourself should the need arise. The stun gun can be custom printed with your logo. Custom Stun Gun - Lipstick Shape - Trendy Tuesday
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Trendy Tuesday - Towel That Stays Cool But Dry

Keep It Cool Towels

These awesome "Keep It Cool" Towels are perfect for your outdoor events, especially in the summer. You just soak the towel in water and it stays cool while remaining dry to the touch. Its great to put around your neck while golfing, at festivals, outdoor concerts, and other outdoor events. Your logo is printed on the plastic storage case. The PVA material of the towel can stay cool for up to 4 hours. Keep It Cool Towel
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Thrifty Thursday - Vinyl Mini Footballs - Mini Sports Balls

Vinyl Mini Footballs

The start of football season is just a few short months away. Soon, high football stadiums around the country will fill up on Friday nights with thousands of potential new customers for your business. Sponsoring your local area high schools with mini football giveaways is a great way to get your name into the crowd. By coupling your marketing effort with the passion of the fans (football), your efforts will go much further! These mini footballs are great, low-cost football spirit items that can be printed with your company logo and donated to the cheerleaders to throw into the crowd after touchdowns and big plays! Vinyl Mini Footballs

Vinyl Mini Football Features

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Trendy Tuesday - Custom Lunch Tote // Fashionable Lunch Tote

Fashion Lunch Bag

This fashion lunch bag is just the right mix of fashion and functionality. You can advertise your business and look stylish at the same time. The lunch bag includes a zippered main compartment with hard-hinge opening and an open front pocket. It also includes dual carry handles and an ultra safe leak-proof PEVA lining to keep your food and drinks hot or cold for hours. Custom Fashion Lunch Tote
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Trendy Tuesday - Cute Promotional Drawstring Bags

5 Patterned Drawstring Bags

Patterned drawstring backpacks are everywhere we go and useful for carrying a wide variety of items to different locations. The beach, water parks, skating rinks, and many other places. Another great use for these drawstring bags is as a promotional item to advertise your business. People take these bags everywhere which is essentially free advertising for your business. You can also stuff these bags with other great promotional items such as beach towels, flip flops, or a Frisbee. Cute Drawstring Bags