15 Ideas Using Halloween Trick or Treat Bags to Promote Your Business

Marketing your business can sometimes be a challenge, especially when trying to stand out from the mass quantity of competitors. That’s why planning ahead, well in advance, is critical when developing your marketing strategy. One very effective way of marketing for your business is to piggyback on popular holidays and celebrations. Halloween is a great […]

10 Ideas How to Use Halloween to Market Your Business

Whenever you can piggyback your business marketing with popular holidays such as Halloween, you can greatly increase your sales with minimal effort. Halloween is certainly one of the more popular holidays that is loved by both children and adults. In fact, this “holiday” is so popular that consumers spend nearly $7 billion dollars on Halloween-related items. That’s […]

Trendy Tuesday – Reflective Non-Woven Halloween Bags

Non-Woven Polypropylene Bags With Reflective Strips Halloween is only a few months away, but you can start using this popular holiday to promote your business near the beginning of October. With Halloween comes trick or treating, so promoting safety while trick or treating is always a great goal for your marketing. These bags are not only reusable […]

Halloween Safety Promotional Products & Tips

Halloween night is a fun night of dressing in costume, Halloween parties, trick or treating, and, of course, overindulging on candy. However, Halloween night can also be very dangerous for pedestrians if proper safety precautions aren’t taken. Walking down poorly lit streets while dressed in dark clothing creates a less than ideal visibility situation for […]

Ideas for Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

Halloween is one of those really fun “holidays” that many people look forward to each year. Kids look forward to trick or treating. Adults look forward to Halloween parties with their friends. Retail businesses look forward to the huge fourth quarter boost in sales. Consumers spend about $7 Billion on Halloween-related items each year! With […]

Exclusive Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

At Perfect Imprints, we are already preparing for Halloween! We love this fun and exciting holiday! For decades, the promotional products industry has offered trick or treat bags; however, year after year, the same, stale designs have been available. But that is no longer the case! Last year we introduced a few EXCLUSIVE spooky Halloween bag designs […]

Trick or Treating Safety Tips and Statistics

Halloween is a fun celebration that is observed by millions of American children (and adults) each year. In fact, according to Forbes, Halloween has become so popular that over $6.9 billion will be spent on Halloween costumes, candy, greeting cards, Halloween promotional items, decorations, trick or treat bags, and other Halloween related products. Because of the […]

Thrifty Thursday – Promotional Glow Sticks for Halloween

When it comes to safety  you can’t put a price on it, especially when kids are involved. However, when you can promote safety for kids a low price AND promote your company at the same time, that’s a win-win-win situation! With Halloween right around the corner, there will be trick or treating, Fall festivals, trunk […]

12 Ways to Promote Your New Website

A great website for your business is critical for success. The first thing many people do before buying products or services from a company is visit their website and learn more about that company. Does the company look reputable? How are the reviews? How long has the company been in business? What other products or services […]

Recap of New Designs for Halloween Bags 2014

October is here and Halloween is near. This extremely popular celebration encourages millions of kids around the country to go trick or treating around their local neighborhoods. This time is a huge opportunity to promote your business while giving your clients items that their kids must have to go trick or treating. That would be […]