Christmas, Promotional Product Ideas / 27.10.2017

Christmas Ornaments that are Easy to Mail People still love to get snail mail, that is, when there's a surprise inside the envelope. When they open the mailbox and feel something lumpy inside, that will be the first piece of mail they open. That's why mailing an unexpected promotional item such as a custom Christmas ornament is a great marketing strategy. This surprise gift helps your brand to connect emotionally with the recipients in a positive way. The simple act of mailing a Christmas ornament can tap into the emotions of both surprise, excitement, and joy. They will be surprised to receive the random gift, excited for the upcoming Christmas season, followed by joy thinking about this wonderful time of year.
Christmas / 18.11.2016

It's always a nice gesture to recognize your employees and your top clients each year with some type of corporate gift. These gifts don't always have to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful and memorable. Since Christmas is such a widely celebrated holiday, corporate Christmas ornaments...