Take a break from subtlety with promotional banners

There are many compelling arguments for keeping promotional products and spirit items subtle. When they fade into the background, they are noticed by the subconscious mind and are remembered by a deep part of the brain. However, sometimes it’s useful to just go for it and shout a company or team’s name loudly to the heavens!

Banners are best when visibility is key. That’s why they make interesting spirit items. Many tools of the stadium are designed to make noise or to be funny, but sometimes it’s helpful to have the largest and boldest visual message. It’s also a temptation for TV cameras to notice a fan in the stands, so people will want to bring their banners whenever they attend a game.

In addition to the visibility that banners produce, they also make a strong statement at home. College students are the natural demographic for promotional banners, especially if there is some variation on them. When broadcasting the identity of a sports team, banners can become collectibles if they differ based upon the championship year they celebrate or the particular player whose heroic feats on the field, court or rink they call to mind.

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