Top 5 Tennis Promotional Items to Get Ready For The Australian Open

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In 2019, a record high viewership was recorded. An audience of 22.5 million viewers, nearly the equivalent of Australia’s population, tuned in for a speech. It was no Presidental inauguration or coronation but, rather, Naomi Osaka’s speech at the 2019 Australian Open trophy presentation. Those 22.5 million viewers are not a worldwide statistic. All those 22.5 million viewers can be found on the small island of Japan. 

The Australian Open is the first of 4 major tennis tournaments that occur yearly. These 4 major tennis tournaments take place in Australia, France, Britain (Wimbledon), and the United States; with a historical trend of higher local viewership in each country. Commencing in January and concluding in September, this 9-month span is the Olympic hype for tennis fans and the perfect opportunity to capture an affluent market. Promotional items have shown to be an effective way to attach new clients, and at Perfect Imprints we are experts in providing quality selections. Here are our top 5 tennis promotional items to get you ready for the Australian Open. 

The Iconic Tennis Promotional Item

No tennis uniform is complete without the iconic sun visor. Worn by icons Naomi Osaka and Serena Williams, sun visors are a popular accessory in the tennis community. This accessory is not merely for show but a helpful gear to have during sunny outdoor matches. The Sport-Tek visor is one of the best to bring to the court. Its sporty color blocking joins Dry Zone moisture-wicking technology for a 5-panel visor that performs. Crafted in a combination of fabric, nylon, and cotton, it will provide comfort and protection. Available in 7 colors, this sun visor is the perfect tennis promotional item to feature your brand. 

Break a Sweat With This Tennis Promotional Item

Despite its history of being a sport for gentlemen, ladies’ tennis is not to be taken lightly. Depending on their style of game, tennis players run 3 to 5 miles during a five-set match. Help players stay cool and comfortable with our full-color cooling towel. This towel is made of hyper evaporate materials that stay cold for hours once wet. Soak the towel in water, squeeze out the excess, and place it over your head or neck. The great thing about cooling towels is that not only do they cater to tennis players, but other athletes, too–gym-goers, and even fans who sit through outdoor matches. Have this tennis promotional item handy at your sports complex store, sports fundraisers, viewing party and tennis matches to maximize brand exposure. 

Stay Hydrated And Focused With The Help of This Tennis Promotional Item

Hydration is a critical part of any athletes’ performance. In tennis, players get a short break when a changeover occurs. During this time, they replenish themselves both physically and mentally. Provide them with quality drinkware such as the Trenton 25 oz bottle. Constructed with stainless steel and equipped with double-wall insulation, the Trenton keeps beverages cold for up to 16 hours, and hot drinks stay warm for up to 12 hours. Its unique screw-on cap features a built-in carabiner clip for easy portability. Additionally, drinkware such as the Trenton are sustainable tennis promotional items because they will be reused by the receiver. Imagine a tennis player rocking your brand on a Trenton throughout the tennis season and school year. 

Relieve Fan Stress

Stress balls are a classic promotional item. Inexpensive and fun, stress balls are a good fiddle item. Take, for example, a parent watching their child playing tennis. Both players are neck and neck. This parent will be stressed and most likely biting their nails. Why not give away a free tennis stress ball to help this parent relax. The magic with stress balls is that the receiver will be looking at this item multiple times–resulting in continuous brand exposure. Stress balls are the most chill tennis promotional item. 

For the team 

During my senior night, tennis booster club parents gave all the graduating athletes a tennis ball stress reliever key chain. To this day, I still have that keychain, and I have it clipped on my gym bag. Key chains are powerful promotional items, especially ones that label as part of an organization. It’s like a badge to show your association and pride in that organization. Something as broad as a tennis ball stress reliever key chain can garner the same power. It appeals to both tennis enthusiasts and athletes. So in the next tennis tournament, senior night, watch party, etc., consider this tennis promotional item to amply your brand. 

A Tennis Promotional Item That Moms Are Sure to Appreciate

It’s no secret that tennis moms are the most passionate. They drive their athletes to the courts, fill the stands, and provide the team with snacks and sports drinks. What better tennis promotional item than the Admiral tote bag? Made of 24oz cotton canvas, this tote bag is a tennis mom’s game day best friend. Equipped with front pockets for quick phone, wallet, and charger storage and a secure heavy-duty top zipper! The admiral tote bag not only has the space for all our tennis moms’ needs, but it comes in 7 different colors patterns. Take it a step further with the Hefty Kooler tote bag. This tote cooler is perfect for summer tennis programs. It features a detachable/adjustable shoulder strap for portability and a large front pocket for extra storage. The great thing about both of these totes is that they can be used for things outside of tennis. For example, groceries, travel, beach days, and more. A versatile tennis promotional item for your brand to be featured on. 

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