Thank Your Social Interactors With Promotional Products

Reward Social Media Fans with Promotional ProductsProperly managing social media for your business is not always easy. It can be challenging to get people to interact with you, even if you post great content.

Tweets get lost among thousands of other tweets in your followers’ Twitter timelines. Facebook posts on your business page are rarely shown in your fans news feeds. Instagram is getting more and more cluttered as it continues to grow in popularity.

So how do you get more engagement?

Well, for one, participate yourself. Comment. Reply. Retweet. Share interesting posts from others. If you consistently engage with others, you will see some return love.

Rewarding Your Social Interactors

If you are consistent with posting and sharing through your social media channels, you will find that you have a few loyal fans. Once you identify them, REWARD THEM.

An effective way is to randomly send them one of your company branded promotional products. Make sure it is of the nicer variety such as a journal, coffee mug, t-shirt, or some other useful item (as opposed to a 25 cent pen). Do this unannounced. Just click through their social profiles until you find out where they work, then retrieve their shipping address. Include a handwritten note thanking them for their participation. It’s that simple.

Doing this will create long-lasting loyalty. Likely, you will see them engage even more with you. Ideally, these people will become brand advocates and promote your company more often on more channels!

Suggest Promotional Products to Reward Your Social Interactors

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