Best Customized Stuffed Animals of 2019

The 10 Best Customized Stuffed Animals of 2019

If you had a beloved family pet who passed on, what would be a better keepsake than a customized stuffed animal replica? You and your family would certainly cherish it forever.

Customized stuffed animals should be exactly that: meaningful, thoughtful, and personal. They can be simple, like your child’s favorite animal, or out-of-the-box, like a bulk order of your school’s mascot.

The sky truly is the limit here! Keep reading to learn the 10 best customized stuffed animals of 2019.

1. Bulldog Mascot Plush

Did you know that the bulldog is the most common D1 school mascot? And think about how many non-D1 schools use the bulldog as well! From junior colleges and high schools down through elementary schools.

That means bulldog t-shirts, sweatshirts, and stuffed animals are in high demand all over the country. Stuffed animal mascots are especially popular because kids and adults alike want them.

Good news is, you can customize your own bulldog mascot plush animal! The bulldog itself is the same, but you can choose exactly what his/her t-shirt looks like.

That includes shirt color, the location of a logo or picture, and you can even upload your own artwork. And you can use up to four colors in your design!

Your bulldog can turn out perfectly representing your school! What’s even better is that you can order your customized bulldog in bulk.

For an order of 48, you pay less than $10 per animal. That price goes down as your bulk increases.

So the more you order, the more you save! You can save over 10% on your order of 576+.

2. Horse Mascot Plush

Not only are horses another common mascot across the U.S., like the Denver Broncos and the U.C. Davis Mustangs, they’re also an immensely popular animal in general.

How many little kids ask for a horse or pony for Christmas at least once in their lives? It’s probably at the top of Santa’s wish list every year.

How many movies are about horses? Seabiscuit, Spirit, Black Beauty, War Horse, and Secretariat are just a few. Horses have always been and will always be a favorite topic!

There are many reasons to design your own horse mascot plush in bulk. If you own a stable, run an equine therapy organization, teach horse-riding lessons, work for a rodeo, or of course, attend a school with a horse mascot, then you have a need for customized horse stuffed animals!

The same rates and rules apply to the horse as to the bulldog. Designing is fun and personal, and ordering is easy and reliable. Plus, if you need your order sooner, we have a rush order hotline for your convenience!

3. Monkey Mascot Plush

The monkey isn’t a common school mascot, but it’s a very common mascot for other things. A lot of popular characters and logos are monkeys!

Think of Curious George, King Kong, Boots from Dora the Explorer, Grape Ape, and Abu from Aladdin. Also, remember that the monkey is a popular image in Chinese culture: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. There are numerous businesses with a monkey or ape as their main logo.

All organizations, groups, businesses, and events surrounding those require customized monkey stuffed animals. We can help you there!

The monkey’s t-shirt is screen printed, to ensure high quality. Again, bulk ordering is best not only for high demand numbers but also for price!

Choose where exactly on the shirt you want your logo or design. It doesn’t have to be in the front or towards the center. This kind of customization is hard to find, and we offer it around the clock, no strings attached, at affordable prices.

4. Hey Buddy Bear

There aren’t many things more classic and timeless than a teddy bear. They appeal to babies, kids, and adults. And they’re usually held onto for years!

Did you know that the teddy bear is totally based on an incident between U.S. President Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt and a black bear on a hunting trip? The president refused to shoot the bear, believing the situation to be unfair. This story quickly spread across the country and became well-known.

Stuffed animal makers named Morris and Rose Michtom loved the story so much that they designed a stuffed bear and got permission to call it “Teddy Bear.” The rest is history: the teddy bear was a huge success and is still wildly popular in mass production today!

The teddy bear has inspired other iconic, beloved children’s characters, like Winnie the Pooh, Paddington, and Corduroy. You really can’t go wrong with a little teddy bear.

Hey Buddy Bear is the perfect customizable teddy bear. It has many customizable options while still holding onto the same classic teddy bear charm.

You choose between a brown or gray bear. Then you choose whether you want him/her wearing a t-shirt or a bandana. If you choose a t-shirt, you can personalize it the same way you can with the mascot plushes.

His/her t-shirt can say the name of your school, band, or company. It can also sport any logo you upload.

He/she also has embroidered heart accents on both hands. Perfect for squeezing, touching, and drawing attention.

5. 4″ Friends

4″ Friends are just that: fun, compact stuffed animal friends that are only four inches long. Perfect for hospitals, events, charities, employee awards, client gifts, or mini mascots.

Choose between a bulldog, fox, or brown bear. Whatever animal you choose comes dressed in either a small t-shirt or a cute little bandana! Different colors are available for each.

Just like with our other customizable animals, the t-shirt is yours to design! Their shirts can say or display whatever you want.

Since they’re only four inches, bulk orders of these 4″ Friends are extremely affordable. In an order of 144+, each animal costs just over $6. Now that’s a bargain!

Unlike other stuffed animals, they stand on their feet (or lay on their stomachs) instead of sitting on their bottoms. This makes the 4″ Friends unique among stuffed animals.

6. Lion Plush Tech Buddy

Plush Tech Buddies deserve their own song, dance, and parade. They are easily one of the coolest stuffed animals of 2019!

They’re buddies with your tech devices because they’re designed to hold your phone and your glasses. A super cute, customizable stuffed animal that sits and holds your phone? What’s better than that?

Also, its bottom is a screen cleaner! This stuffed animal is innovative, useful, and very 2019.

Choose between a lion, bear, elephant, monkey, or tiger. The lion is fabulous because plenty of schools have the lion as their mascot. One being the great Columbia University in Manhattan itself!

Lions can also be bought for zoos, safaris, educational purposes, museums, and even alongside the much-anticipated release of Disney’s live-action The Lion King. All in all, a bulk order of the lion Plush Tech Buddy is a smart move you won’t regret.

7. Tiger Plush Tech Buddy

If you love the idea of a Plush Tech Buddy but don’t have a need for lions, never fear. Bears, elephants, monkeys, and tigers are also available to you.

All of these animals are popular and useful, but especially tigers. There’s great and varying use for a bulk amount of little tigers that hold tech devices and cleantech devices.

You might assume that something as useful as a Plush Tech Buddy would be expensive. You’d be wrong!

Even with its great customizable options and different uses, each animal is less than $9 in an order of 48. Plus, you save over 14% by ordering more than 576.

Each Plush Tech Buddy comes dressed in a shirt of your choice. So no two buddies have to look the same! You can create something personal, unique, and practical.

8. Owl Shorty

Shorties may be the cutest customizable stuffed animal of 2019. They stand adorably at four inches tall, sitting on their rounded bottoms. No legs, just a cute little body with two little arms and a tiny t-shirt.

Children and adults go crazy for these precious little guys! The owl is an adorable, popular option. We have a wide selection of t-shirt colors that go way beyond the typical “red, yellow, blue” choices. Here are the colors you can choose from:

  • White
  • Medium gray
  • Dark gray
  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Light brown
  • Cream
  • Vegas gold
  • Yellow
  • Athletic gold
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Cardinal
  • Maroon
  • Hot pink
  • Pink
  • Royal blue
  • Navy blue
  • Columbia blue
  • Kelly green
  • Forest green
  • Optic yellow
  • Purple
  • Violet
  • Teal

Long story short, the t-shirt can be as bright, fun, and unique as you want! Then you add your own logo, design, or artwork. You can even use multiple colors on the shirts.

Once you start handing these out, they’ll go fast. So you’ll want as many as possible! We can make and ship more than 1200 in bulk order, so don’t hesitate to order as many as you need.

9. Duck Shorty

The duck Shorty has all the charm, cuteness, and lovability of the classic rubber ducky. It’s small, bright yellow, with a white tuft of hair and dark yellow beak.

Whether you’re a sports booster for the Mighty Ducks, a bird-related non-profit organization, a Quick Quack Car Wash marketing director, or hunting company business owner, you can tremendously benefit from these duck Shorties.

Imagine them on the dashboard, windowsills, and work desks of hundreds of people around town. The more, the better!

If not ducks or owls, you are not out of luck. Choose from a cow, hedgehog, wolf (a cute wolf, not a scary wolf), giraffe, lion, monkey, bear, bulldog, elephant, and tiger.

Shorties are only just over $5 in an order of 144+. And, again, that price goes down as your bulk order goes up. In fact, they’re only $4.47 in an order of 1200+ and you could definitely use 1200!

10. Wolf Key Tag

No matter where you live or how old you are, key tags and chains are still popular. Why is that? It comes down to a few things: personalization, ease, and affordability.

Key tags are supposed to make your life easier by making your keys easier to see. That usually works, doesn’t it? They’re also usually personalized in some way — most people don’t spend money on generic key tags.

They should also be inexpensive. Their affordability makes them even more compelling. We’ve made sure to hit all these vital aspects with our top-of-the-line Wild Bunch Key Tags!

The wolf key tag can be especially popular for you. Many schools have a wolf as their mascot, most zoos include a wolf exhibit, many national parks house wolf packs, and plenty of kids and adults have the wolf as their favorite animal!

Whatever your reason may be, you will love customizing a bulk order of wolf key tags. You can also choose other animal options, like a pig, cow, tiger, and more. They come with a lobster claw clasp, you can design the animal’s t-shirt, and each one is just over $5 in a bulk order of 144+.

Our Customized Stuffed Animals Can’t Be Beat!

Lions, tigers, bears, cows, pigs, elephants, dogs, monkeys, wolves, cougars, leopards, bunnies, ducks, eagles, frogs, alligators, giraffes, horses, and beavers — whatever your needs or interests may be, we have it all!

Whether it’s to stock a store or booth with your school’s mascot or to celebrate your zoo’s favorite attraction, customized stuffed animals are the way to go. This is by far the best way to buy a bulk amount of personalized, customized stuffed animals.

We promise quality, affordability, and reliability. When it comes to customizable items, Perfect Imprints is an expert on the subject. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, inquiries, or for more information!

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