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The 12 Most Popular Promotional Items of 2018

12 Most Popular Promotional Items of 2018

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You meet a new contact at a trade show, make a great connection, and send them on their way. If only there were a way to put a tiny version of yourself on their shoulder to remind them about you from time to time.

That’s the benefit you can get from a promotional product if you choose the right one. When you give a customer a product they’ll use, they’ll think of you every time they pull it out.

To find your next great giveaway, check out these top promo products.

Top Promo Products of 2018

Of course, every business has different tastes and different qualities they’re looking for in a branded giveaway. To choose one that fits your brand, try these popular choices.

1. Wellness Products

Wearable fitness products are surging in popularity, and plenty of companies are jumping on board. A digital fitness tracker is on the pricey side, but simple pedometers may be more affordable than you think.

There are plenty of other fitness products as well. Consider a shaker bottle or resistance bands, especially if your company is in the health and fitness industry.

2. Travel Mugs

Folks are busy, and if your promo product can make their hectic lives easier, that’s top-notch branding. One way many companies are doing this is with promotional travel mugs.

Keep in mind that these mugs have been popular for a long time. If you want to stay out of the clutter drawer, opt for quality and brand-name products.

3. Adult Coloring Books

If you haven’t hopped onto the adult coloring bandwagon yet, now is the time. Adult coloring books use more intricate designs but provide the same relaxing, stress-relieving activity as the coloring books of your youth.

Branded adult coloring books are a newer addition to the promo product scene over the past few years, so they’re still a great option to stand out from the crowd.

4. Power Banks

A power bank is a small electronic device that holds extra power. They have USB ports so people can plug in their phones to charge while they’re not near an outlet.

Power banks are one of those promo products with a useful purpose so customers will keep it around. It’s most helpful for people who like to go camping or go on road trips. Power banks are also handy for emergencies like power outages.

5. Moscow Mule Mugs

Make way for the latest and greatest trend in drinkware: Moscow mule mugs. A Moscow mule is a refreshing cocktail that’s made of vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice.

Even for people who don’t enjoy the drink itself, Moscow mule mugs have a great copper look that beautifies anyone’s cabinet.

6. Lip Balm

The most successful promo products are the ones that customers use on a regular basis. As fall and winter draw near, customers will be reaching for few things as often as they reach for lip balm.

Branded lip balm can come in any number of colors and flavors to match your brand. Just make sure you choose a model that’s large enough for customers to see your logo.

7. Solar Technology

The world is in a major push toward environmental responsibility among all age groups. People want to do business with companies who are their values, so it’s a great time to show your green spirit.

There are plenty of ways to use eco-conscious technology for your promo products. Solar phone chargers are especially popular, and so are solar power banks.

While there’s little risk of offending anyone with sustainable technology, showing your environmental values is vital for some companies. If your target market prioritizes eco-friendly practices and if your company espouses those goals, sustainable tech is a must.

8. Water Bottles

They’re not exactly innovative, but water bottles have long been a popular choice for promo products. The latest trend is to use foldable water bottles that are great for camping trips and other portable purposes.

9. Day Planners

If you’re a B2B company, your customers are busy people who are always looking for ways to stay organized. Give them a hand while keeping your branding in their minds on a daily basis.

Rest assured that B2C companies can get plenty of benefit from promotional day planners as well. You can take it a step further with sophisticated portfolios.

10. Headphones and Earbuds

With all the media people can access on their phones, they’re reaching for earbuds and headphones more and more often. Take advantage and offer them some added convenience with branded headphones.

Earbuds tend to be the most popular because they’re convenient for traveling and heading to the gym. However, headphones offer more space for your branding, so it’s all about weighing the pros and cons as well as knowing your customers.

11. Hand Sanitizer

Flu season is getting ready to hit, and your customers will be reaching for their hand sanitizer on a constant basis. Why not let them see your logo when they do?

Hand sanitizer is even more beneficial as a trade show handout. Your customers are spending days shaking hands and grabbing literature. Add that to the high risk of illness when they travel and they’ll be more than grateful when you hand them a lifeline.

12. Sticky Notes

There are certain office accessories that everyone uses and that always seem to run out when people need them the most. Sticky notes are at the top of that list.

A branded pad of sticky notes is economical, but you can bet it won’t be thrown out with the clutter. Your customers will appreciate having the pad handy, and you’ll appreciate the exposure your brand gets on a daily basis.

Maxing Out Your Marketing with Promo Products

Promotional products are among those tried and true marketing techniques. They leave a great impression on your customers, add a touch of goodwill to the interaction, and can give you long-lasting exposure.

Of course, the key is finding the perfect product for your customers and your brand. The top promo products above can offer you invaluable insight into the latest trends.

If you’re ready to find your next great promo product, shop for our most popular promotional items today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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