15 Coolest Bottle Koozies Ever Made

The 15 Coolest Bottle Koozies Ever Made

If you love to party, then you know how essential it is to always have bottle koozies handy for you and your guest. There’s no worse feeling than misplacing your drink, or realizing your mostly full beer is suddenly lukewarm. Bottle koozies have you covered, keeping your drink insulated with a custom design you know is yours.

And with the holidays coming up, koozies really are the gift that keeps on giving. Koozies can give your drink style, personality and most importantly keep your drink cold. This is key if you spend a lot of time by the fireplace.

Here is our list of what we think are the 15 coolest bottle koozies ever made:

1. Bottle Buddy Bottle Koozie

If your favorite drink comes in a bottle and not a can, you might find that the standard collapse foam can cooler doesn’t fully cool your beverage. That’s why we love these Bottle Buddies, each holds and insulates a 12 oz long-necked bottle.

The buddy is made out of laminated open cell foam, which means the material is soft and flexible so it should easily be able to snuggly fit over any 12 oz bottle. This cooler also easily closes with a stylish o-ring pull zipper.

You can buy these in bulk, making them the perfect gift for your office or wedding guests. Choose from fun colors like camouflage (perfect for the hunter in your life), forest green, lime, navy blue, orange, red or royal blue. These koozies also fold flat, so you can easily store it in your pocket and or purse.

2. Full Color Neoprene Zippered Bottle Holder

The 80s are making a comeback, from popular shows like Netflix’s Glow and Stranger Things to the runways of Fashion Week. Instead of fighting it like Santa hats and ugly sweaters at your office holiday party, embrace the 80s with this retro full-color neoprene zippered bottle holder.

This fun and flirty koozie might give you trapper keeper vibes with it’s “pop shop” message at the bottom, which is fitting since it really is a pop of color. The koozie is made of neoprene, the same synthetic rubber used for wetsuits. This means this koozie is not only latex free, but it’s also water resistant.

This drink cooler is made for long neck bottles, that you easily can get or out of this koozie with its O-ring zipper. This bottle holder is also collapsible, so you can take it anywhere!

3. Hat Trick Can Cooler Kit

There’s nothing worse than having a frosty bottle of your favorite beer, that does not twist off, and no bottle opener in sight. Sure, you can try to pop it open with a lighter, keys or your belt buckle, but that can also go really wrong.

That’s why you need this hat tick can cooler kit, pick out your own customized koozie, here you can put your company’s name or some fun logo. On the side of each koozie comes a bottle opener, that you can also customize.

This koozie is really almost too good to be true, it keeps your drink cold and opens it? What more could you ask for in a koozie? Perhaps wrap it in a box filled will bulk rubber ducks to keep those who are receiving this in check.

4. Bottle Cooler

You can compare this bottle cooler to the bottle buddy. Similar to the bottle buddy, this bottle cooler is perfect for bottles and has an O-ring zipper in the front. The only big difference is the bottom of this cooler is open, and similar to the standard can koozies you’re likely used to.

This open bottom makes it easier to put any size bottle in here. You can customize your koozie with a logo or design of your choice. Choose from basic black or bright blue, red, green, yellow, green or orange.

5. Neoprene Zip-Up Bottle Koozie Kooler

This neoprene zip-up bottle koozie kooler, is similar to to the bottle buddy and bottle cooler, but again the design is slightly different. This koozie really surrounds your entire bottle up to where the mouth of your drink is. There is also a zipper on this style, but it’s on the back of the cooler, so it doesn’t get in the way of the logo or design of your choice.

Choose from black, orange, royal blue, red, lime, green, orange or navy. Made out of high-quality neoprene (the same material as wetsuits) you know this koozie is going to keep your drink cool. It fits most 12 oz long neck bottles, and it folds flat, so it’s easy to travel with or mail to people.

6. Jersey Bottle Cooler

Sometimes your drinking buddy is your drink, this bottle koozie makes that more acceptable with this jersey bottle cooler. This drink cooler gives your bottle a little shirt, that you can customize with your team name and logo.

Choose from black, royal blue, purple, orange, red, burnt orange, or navy, you’re sure to find a color to match the team you root for. There is also a stripe detail that comes in the same color as your art. The standard version is without stripes and optional is with stripes if you want this cooler to really look like a jersey.

This cooler is made out of open cell foam, meaning it’s soft and flexible and sure to fit over any bottle of your choice. This material also lets this cooler fold flat so you can stick it in your pocket, purse, or even easily mail it to your friends. This cooler pairs really well with these customized shot glasses, so you can really show pride for your team or company.

7. Slipover Bottle Coolie

If zippers seem like too much of a hassle to you, then you might like this American made slipover bottle coolie. Instead of a zipper, this koozie has side seams. Also unlike other koozies, with this one, the design can wrap around the entire drink cooler since it offers full coverage art.

If you go with the slipover bottle coolie and you have a design, you want to make sure that you avoid putting any important details near the edges of the coolie, as it will get lost in the seem. There’s a template that you can use that will help guide you, when you’re designing your coolie made of high-density open cell foam, which is basically soft flexible material.

8. Neoprene Bottle Kooler with Phone Holder

This bottle kooler with phone holder, really lets you have it all. Never again will you drink get warm and your phone gets lost as long as you hold on to this koozie. Koozies aren’t just for the tailgater, you also can use them to keep your water bottle cool and phone in place when you’re hiking.

Made out of neoprene, the material of wetsuits, this holder will keep your drink cool and water outside of your phone. The phone compartment closes with a zipper for easy access and has a display window so you can easily see and even use your phone. This cooler can perfectly fit a large wide-mouth water bottle, or a tall boy can, the choice is yours.

9. BYO By Built Two Bottle Bag

Whoever said koozies have to be limited to one bottle? This BYO By Built Two Bottle Bag does what it’s name promises and can hold up to two 750 to 1-liter wine bottles. This bag also insulates these bottles, because of its neoprene tote, and can usually keep your bottles cool for up to three hours, depending on what the temperature is like outside.

This bag is great for a picnic or traveling with chilled wine. If you own a winery or wine store, you can get your company’s logo on the bag, making this the perfect souvenir for customers.

10. Carousel 12 Oz Copper-Lined Tumbler & Can Holder

This carousel 12 oz copper-lined tumbler and can holder, might not look like your typical koozie. At first glance, this might look more like a portable coffee cup, but really it’s so much more.

It’s actually double walled with a copper lined vacuum and insulated stainless steel. It comes with two lids, one make this cup a tumbler with a lid for sipping, and the other lid allows you to drop a bottle inside it. This FDA certified design will keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 12 hours.

11. Neoprene Wine Bottle Holder

We showed you the two bottle bag, but if really you just need to keep one bottle cold at a time, then you might like this neoprene wine bottle holder. Available in red, navy blue, royal blue and black, this bottle holder insulated with neoprene will keep a single bottle cool.

This holder also has strong cut out handles which makes it easy to carry to your wine with you.

12. Leatherette Beverage Holder

This leatherette beverage holder is a nice upgrade to the average foam koozie. The leather details on the outside available in black, dark brown, blue, pink, gray, light brown, rawhide or ros?. With laser engraving, you can even customize these classy koozies, that honestly, you should always refer to as beverage holders because of how sophisticated these look.

13. Wine Cooler Sleeve

If you love nothing more than a perfectly chilled glass of wine, then you’re going to want this wine cooler sleeve. Made out of fabric and silicone, all you need to do is freeze this sleeve, put it over your favorite bottle of wine, and your wine stays chilled. You will never bring warm wine again to a dinner or party with this sleeve.

This wine cooler is perfect for watching the sunset on a picnic or a backyard barbecue with friends and family. You can also customize this sleeve with a design of your choice.

14. Stainless Steel Bottle Chiller

This bottle chiller is the Rolls-Royce of koozies, with a stainless steel outside, and neoprene inside, your beverage will definitely stay cold. You can easily load your bottle of choice in through the bottom by unscrewing its lid. It also has a bottle opener on the cap and a lid that makes it easy to carry.

All of your friends will want one of these, luckily you can buy these in bulk with a customized design.

15. Koozie Golf Bag Water Kooler

This golf bag water kooler is perfect for the gold player in your life. It looks just like a real golf bag, but much smaller obviously. It can hold up to a 16.9 oz bottle. It also comes with a metal carabiner so you can clip it right on your golf bag.

There’s also a little zipper pouch in the front where you can put other important things like your keys and or wallet. When it comes to design, this koozie is one of our favorites hands down.

Other Bottle Koozies

These are just some of our favorite bottle koozies. Our website is vast, you can likely find whatever your hobby or passion is on a koozie if you look hard enough. Almost all the koozies we sell give the option to customize them with your own special design.

If you’re a sports fan, you also put your favorite team on your koozie, so you’re all set for tailgates. You also can get custom koozies with your best friends name, your favorite picture or even design your own. Whatever you pick, koozies make the perfect gift, because no one likes a warm drink.

Find Your Koozie Today!

Hopefully, this list helped your koozie search! When it comes to koozies if you can dream it, you can probably find it. Be it a beer koozie, a giant fist, or one that can keep your drink cool for up to three hours, we have it all!

Find out which koozie is right for you and your drinking buddy and get yours today. Remember, friends don’t let friends drink lukewarm beer, so always make sure your drinking buddy has the proper bottle koozies. For more gift ideas and other product reviews, check out our blog!

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