The 4 Most Unique Promotional Santa Hats

Unique promotional Santa hats

While Santa hats are always sure to stand out, some promotional Santa hats really go above and beyond. Depending on your brand and target audience, there may be a better option for you than the traditional fuzzy hat.

Leopard Print

Whether your audience is looking for a little more flair in their style, embracing retro vibes, or simply obsessed with a recent docuseries, these cat-printed Santa hats are sure to add flair. They can be embroidered or ordered blank, depending on your needs. 

Plaid Hats 

Nothing says Christmas time coziness quite like plaid. It just feels like home & makes you want a cup of cocoa, right? Well, be sure to add these plaid promotional Santa hats to your Christmas baskets this year and give your team the same warm & welcome feeling. 

The Light Up Hat

Nothing says “kids only” more than a light-up Santa hat! These fun spring hats are perfect for anywhere where children (or really fun adults) are the target market. Each of these unique festive hats has 5 LEDs around the front of the white band that light when you turn them on. They even come with batteries so you’re ready to go as soon as they come in!

Candy Cane Print 

It’s Santa’s elves- wait- nope, just your employees! These candy cane print hats are the perfect way to turn your business into Santa’s workshop this holiday season! You can even do candy canes for certain team members and other prints for others to distinguish between your different departments. These are a great alternative to traditional hats, while still giving the same holiday fun!

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