5 Best Custom Christmas Ornaments for Fundraisers

The 5 Best Custom Christmas Ornaments For Fundraisers

The end of the year is a big time for fundraising. So many clubs and organizations will opt for the tired and overdone fundraisers such as overpriced popcorn, wrapping paper, candy. Isn’t it time you offer more unique items for sale?

Whether you are raising money for your church, school, club, or non-profit organization, selling custom Christmas ornaments is a perfect fundraiser. In fact, the American Christmas Tree Association estimates that 76 percent of U.S. households display a Christmas tree. That’s about 95 million homes.

That’s significant because that means roughly 76% of all people are potential buyers of your fundraiser ornaments. That’s a pretty big audience which is a BIG opportunity to make your fundraiser successful!

So what are the best Christmas ornaments to sell for your fundraiser?

From years of selling custom Christmas ornaments to churches, schools, and non-profit organizations all around the United States, we’ve curated this list of the top 5 best-selling ornaments. These are the same ornaments used in many highly successful fundraisers which are replicated every year!

Shatterproof Ball Ornaments

Shatterproof Round Ball Ornaments

It probably comes as no surprise that this is the top-selling selling custom Christmas ornament, year after year. These traditional shatterproof ball ornaments have stood the test of time as a favorite. You won’t find many Christmas trees without ball ornaments garnishing its branches. These come in 10 great colors and are printed with your logo, mascot, Bible verse, or other custom text. You can choose to have these printed in one color or full-color!

Light-Up Glass Ball Ornaments

Light-Up Glass Ball Ornaments

Here’s a small twist to the traditional glass ball ornaments. Not only are they made of glass, but they also light-up to cast beautiful rays of light from the snowflake pattern included on the ornaments. You can see the short video of these ornaments in action here. Choose from 4 classic holiday colors: Red, Blue, Silver, or Gold. Your logo is printed on the side of the ornament and they are packaged in a clear gift box for a beautiful presentation. You’ll have no problem selling these light-up glass ball ornaments for your next fundraiser!

Custom Shaped Wooden Ornaments

Custom Shape Wood Ornaments

To better identify with those you’re selling, think about doing custom shaped wooden ornaments. These wood ornaments are laser-cut into the shape of your choice. These are perfect to have shaped like your team mascot, an outline of your church, or your non-profit logo. With no setup or die charges, this straight-forward pricing helps you easily forecast your fundraising profits. These wooden ornaments are made of lightweight and eco-friendly Birchwood and they are laser engraved with your logo and/or custom text. They include a red hanging ribbon.

Ugly Sweater Custom Christmas Ornaments

Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornaments

Ugly sweater Christmas parties are a popular event during the holiday season. The uglier the sweater worn, the more attention that person gets at the party. Now, you can bring that same type of fun to your custom Christmas ornaments with these Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornaments! Because these ornaments are printed all over the sweater, they are a blank canvas, so you can design them as ugly (or beautiful) as you want. We have even developed 20 exclusive stock designs you can use – just replace our logo with yours for an easy design for your next fundraising ornament. Because these ornaments are so unique, they will sell easily and quickly helping you raise funds in a hurry!

Candy Cane Ceramic 3D Ornaments with Gift Box

Ceramic “Candy Cane” Ball Ornaments with Gift Box

If you’re planning an upscale fundraiser, these Candy Cane Striped Ceramic Ornaments with Gift Box are a great choice. These ornaments are made of ceramic which is striped like a candy cane and topped with a gold bow. Not only are the ornaments laser-engraved with your logo, but the boxes are also engraved with your logo. These high-quality ornaments allow you to sell them at a higher price so you can raise funds quickly!

While the 5 ornaments above have been the biggest sellers for fundraisers selling Christmas ornaments, there are so many other great choices. You can see all of the other Christmas ornaments which can be customized at the link below.


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