The After Christmas Miracle

It’s now January and the Christmas holidays are over. School is back in session and it’s the dreaded time of year to pack away all of your Christmas decorations. Wrapping delicate personalized Christmas ornaments, winding Christmas lights so there’s not a Griswold size knot in them when you unpack them next Christmas, and packing away all of the storage boxes in the attic are a few of the after Christmas duties that typically take place. It’s always fun putting them up before Christmas, but for some reason putting them away is not so fun.

Well, this year when taking the Christmas lights down from my house, a miracle happened. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a miracle but it certainly made things easier. I detached one end of the lights on the north side of my house and gave the strand a little tug. That effortless tug pulled the strand from the house and the weight of that section of lights detached the next strand and then the next five strands systematically and almost instantly fell to the ground with no additional effort on my part. It saved me a lot of time moving the ladder from section to section and pulling the clips from the house. All I had to do after that was roll up the strands and pack them away in the box. It was a great and unexpected way to take down the lights on the house. The whole ordeal only took a few minutes. Hopefully I can replicate this method next year!

St Patrick's Day GiveawaysNow that all of the Christmas decorations are packed away, it’s time to focus on the next upcoming holidays. The next big one that I get excited about is St. Patrick’s Day. My Irish family roots, of course, are a big reason why I like the holiday so much. St. Patrick’s Day is also a great reason to promote some kind of special deal or sale for your business. You should use every holiday as a reason to promote your business. Check out some of our St Patrick’s Day Promotional Items to help promote your business for this holiday.

Valentine's Day Promotional ItemsEven though it’s not my favorite holiday, you can’t forget Valentine’s Day. Billions of dollars are spent each year for this day, so you would be silly to not use it to promote some of your products or services. Yes, we have Valentines Day Promotional Items too. Check them out and use them to promote your Valentine’s Day sales! Giving Valentine giveaways to your clients is a great way to show them that you care about them!

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