Ready to throw a company BBQ to celebrate your incredible team?

Want to host a barbecue in a beautiful park in honor of your most important clients?

Just looking for unforgettable and out-of-the-box promotional products to make sure that no one forgets the name of your company?

No matter the reason or the occasion, BBQ promotional items are cost-effective, perfect for social media, and genuinely useful items that both your customers and employees are sure to love.

So, which promo items will help you to take your barbecue to the next level?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

1. A Branded BBQ Spatula

First up on our list of the best promotional products for the barbecue fans in your life?

The branded BBQ spatula.

You’ve likely heard of toasters that can print branded or just entertaining images on a piece of bread. Customized spatulas can do the same thing — but instead of burning your logo on a piece of bread, you can imprint it on a cut of meat.

This is an incredibly creative way to market your company or just have some fun at your next cookout. The spatulas will also make great party favors for your customers to take home after the barbecue is over.

2. A Customized Apron

Cooks of all levels will love the professional and fun look of a customized apron.

This is an especially awesome accessory for a manager or boss to wear at a company BBQ! You can easily have the apron branded with not only your company name and logo, but also any other fun message you want to share with your employees.

If you’re handing out the aprons to your clients, we love the idea of having their name printed on the apron for a personalized touch. This is an excellent way to show clients that you appreciate them on an individual level.

Make sure you pick up a poly/cotton blend that’s easy to clean. After all, there’s no way that you can make it through a barbecue without spilling at least a few drops or sauce (or more!) on your apron. Consider it a rite of passage, and toss your apron into the washer afterward.

3. The Complete Barbecue Set

Looking for an extra-special way to show your VIP customers that you recognize the relationship your company has with them?

On the hunt for the perfect prize that will incentivize your employees to work harder?

Just want to treat yourself to a promo product that you’ll actually use?

No matter the reason, investing in a complete barbecue set is always a good idea.

These kits come with everything you need to make the perfect barbecue a reality. They should include a marinade brush, a silicone handled spatula, some tongs, and of course, a pair of oven mitts.

If you want to take your kits to the next level, you can add even more tools.

Things like corn cob holders, forks, thermometers, and more will ensure that the BBQ goes off without a hitch.

Best of all?

You can choose from a variety of cases to house your barbecue set inside. If you’re interested in a rugged look, there are cases that look a bit like a messenger bag.

If durability is the name of your game, then we know you’ll love an aluminum case.

Each of the cases is available in your choice of colors, and can easily be branded with your company’s name or logo.

4. A Barbecue Thermometer

One of our favorite barbecue promotional products — and one that grillers of all experience levels can use?

A barbecue thermometer.

After all, the secret to the perfect patty is often the temperature of the meat.

You’ll likely also be surprised by just how many different types of thermometers are available. If you’re a tech company, for example, you’ll likely love the sleek look of a thermometer that comes complete with a wireless remote.

If you’re an outdoors company, or even if you’re just known for your efficiency, then we suggest looking for a thermometer that’s built into a BBQ fork.

Remember that your clients can use these thermometers for cooking all kinds of meat. To help them out, include a tiny recipe booklet filled with tips and tricks for all things grilling.

5. Branded Barbecue Sauce

Just because you’re not in the food industry, doesn’t mean that you can’t provide your clients and employees with a seriously tasty barbecue sauce.

We love the idea of picking up more than a few bottles of sauce that’s branded with your company’s name and logo on the label. It’s an awesome gift for your clients on its own, or inside of a larger gift basket.

Plus, they’ll see your company’s name and logo every time they open up their kitchen cabinets. Encourage them to upload pictures of themselves using the barbecue sauce to their social media accounts by including a hashtag on the label.

You can also print recipe ideas, a discount code, or even a fun fact about your company on the sauce’s label.

Be warned, however. Once your customers get a taste of your delicious company barbecue sauce, they’ll likely want even more in the future! Place a large, bulk order to ensure that you’re always able to meet the demands of your clients.

6. A Wine Cooler Sleeve

Of course, no barbecue is complete without the right beverages.

White wine on a warm summer afternoon will quench anyone’s thirst. However, you need to make sure your wine stays nice and cool in order to keep everyone comfortable.

A portable branded wine cooler sleeve does exactly that. All you need to do is toss the wine cooler in your freezer for a few hours before the big cookout. Then, place your favorite bottle of wine inside of it, and head out to the party.

The sleeve will keep your bottles cool all day long. Plus, you don’t have to worry about toting around heavy coolers that take up tons of space.

Check out this list of the best wine and barbecue pairings, and consider throwing in a bottle to complete the gift.

7. A Portable BBQ Grill

Who says that you can’t barbecue with you anywhere you go?

When you invest in a branded portable barbecue grill, you can become a grill master no matter where you are. To make sure your grill stays in great shape, make sure you also pick up a branded grill carrying case.

This promotional item is the perfect giveaway prize on social media. Instruct your followers to like and share the photo, or tag at least two other friends in the comments section, to be eligible to win the grill.

This is an awesome way to grow your follower count quickly and in a seriously cost-effective manner.

We love the idea of ordering a custom company BBQ grill for your next cookout.

Whether you’re treating your employees to the best cuts of meat in your office parking lot, or if you’ve rented a fabulous outdoor space to host your clients, a custom grill makes for the perfect photo opportunity.

We also suggest picking up a few photo props to further encourage your guests and employees to take pictures around your branded grill.

8. A Barbecue Multi-Tool

One of our favorite barbecue-themed promotional products makes it easy to grill the perfect burger without having to bring a carload of equipment with you.

For the client or valued employee who craves efficiency, (and a steak done medium-rare) gifting them with a 5-in-1 barbecue multi-tool is always the right move.

The tool comes with a spatula, tongs, a baster, and of course, the most important tools of all, wine and bottle cap openers.

You can put your logo right in the center of the multi-tool, so clients will never forget who gave them this lifesaving device.

When creating promo items that won’t get thrown away the second an event is over, it’s always best to go with niche products that serve a specific need. Plus, this tool is useful in tons of other social situations — not just barbecues.

Your client will be able to swoop in and save the day at a camping trip, on a wine tasting, or even in their own backyard. The people that they helped out will likely want to learn more about the company that gave your client such an amazing gift.

Now that’s what we call cost-effective advertising.

9. A BBQ Gift Basket

Traditional gift baskets might be a nice gesture, but you’re always willing to go above and beyond — and think outside-the-box — when it comes to rewarding your best customers with unique promo items.

Nothing quite says “thank you” like a fully stocked barbecue gift tub.

Look for one that comes complete with delectable marinades, sauces, potato chips, and even a cutting board. Give your clients everything they need to become the grill master they always knew they could be.

Best of all?

You’ll even have the option to customize the tub itself. Etch your company’s name on the ribbon or the front of the tub, so that your customers will know where this amazing gift came from right away.

Just make sure you deliver them as fast as you can because the temptation to treat yourself to the contents of this tub is hard to resist!

When you’re creating these gift baskets, make sure you take the time to throw in a handwritten, personalized note. Going the extra mile to let customers know how much you enjoy working with them on a personal, not just professional level, keeps them coming back again in the future.

It’s all about creating sustainable relationships — and of course, the perfect barbecue sandwich.

10. A 365-Day Barbecue Calendar With Recipes

Just because your company BBQ is over, doesn’t mean that your employees and VIP guests will ever forget it.

Make sure they remember your company — and your perfect pulled pork recipe — 365 days a year by investing in a branded calendar completely dedicated to all things barbecue.

Look for calendars that don’t just feature mouth-watering photos of barbecue. Help the people you rely on to keep your business booming to improve their grilling skills by picking up a calendar that comes with 12 delicious recipes.

To encourage the recipients of the calendar to hone their grilling expertise all year long, create a hashtag so that everyone can upload photos of their recipe results on social media.

Feature the best — and the hilarious grilling fails — on your company’s page. This is an awesome way to create a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition between your team and your clients.

Plus, they’ll see your brand’s logo every day.

Where Can You Buy the Best Barbecue Promotional Products?

We hope that this post has helped you to realize that there is no shortage of options when it comes to barbecue promotional products.

It doesn’t matter if your company is in the food industry or not — everyone loves barbecue. Plus, these unique BBQ promotional items are an awesome way to show both your clients and your employees that you do things differently.

Give them away on social media, deliver them to clients at the end of the year to say thank you, or just reward your hardest working employees with a customize grill.

Check out our high-quality BBQ promo products to find the perfect gift for everyone on your payroll or client list.

We’re certain that anyone who gets these products will fall in love with your company right away — and be more than ready to fire up their grill.