The Best Basketballs For Kids

If you’re an avid basketball fan, or simply have a kid who enjoys the sport, then you know that basketball season is finally upon us.

Well, what’s the most important thing to have in order to play? A basketball of course!

There’s no better way to start a basketball season than with new equipment, and the kids will thank you for it.

Not only that, but basketballs are a great way to get your company’s name out there by using it as a PR item. Whether it’s your name or logo, basketballs will be used all season – meaning plenty of advertisement for your business.

If you’re looking to promote your business, sponsoring things like basketball tournaments, camps, and programs are a great way to do so, and putting your name on the basketballs is the icing on the cake.

Regardless of the environment, you need a basketball to play, and putting your branding on it is bound to boost your name recognition in any setting.

It’s also a great way to gain exposure whether you’re a new business needing to get your name out there, or simply seeking an increase in advertising and potentially sales.

Lucky for you, Perfect Imprints has the best options for you to choose from, including various sizes, colors, and even mini or blow-up basketballs as well to give out if you’re looking to go even a step further with your promotion.

If you’re unsure where to start, here are some of the best basketballs for kids:

Full-Size Rubber Basketball (29 ½”)

This basketball is durable and comes in three colors – orange, red/white, and blue/white – making it a great option for your marketing.

The white panels on the red and blue options are perfect for printing your brand name on, and we especially recommend this one for printing logos. You want your branding to stand out, don’t you? Then this is perfect for you!

Full-Size Synthetic Leather Basketball (29 ½”)

These basketballs are durable and look great with simpler branding like light colors and gold detail. This makes a great gift for coaches as well, and could even be used as part of a reward for the winning team of a tournament.

You could go a step further and print a team’s name on it, and even put a team photo on the ball as well, making it a great memento.

Full-Size Synthetic Leather Signature Basketball (29 ½”)

This signature basketball is another great option if you’re looking for something memorable that can be held onto.

The laminated synthetic leather cover makes it perfect for signing and is a great opportunity to have the entire team sign it. This can be great for an end-of-the-season game, is perfect for bringing a team together, and can even serve as a trophy itself!

Even if you don’t plan on having anyone sign it, this is also a great option for branding because of its large white panels which are bound to be eye-grabbing.

Foam Basketball (4” or 5”)

If you’re looking for a smaller option that can be easily given out as a souvenir, gift, or even part of a tournament/camp goodie bag, a small foam basketball is exactly what you’re looking for.

These are especially great for those younger siblings that tag along to these events, and parents will appreciate having something to occupy the kids who aren’t currently playing.

These are lightweight, and also look great with branding to serve as yet another PR item for you to take advantage of!

Foam basketballs are also great for promoting multiple businesses, groups, and teams.

Mini Rubber Basketball (7”)

Our mini rubber basketball is another great option if you’re looking for something smaller or slightly lower cost.

It serves all the same purposes as the foam basketball and even comes in multiple colors including orange, red/white, blue/white, green/white, and black/white.

This will make it easier to fully brand a basketball for your company and will just add to the overall aesthetic of it!

Like the foam basketballs, these are great for smaller children, souvenirs, goodie bag fillers, and can even be used to practice.

These are also great for giveaways and can be inflated and deflated just like a regular-sized basketball.

Basketball Beach Ball (16”)

Bigger than the average, the basketball beach ball has plenty of space to put your branding, logo, and business name all over it. This makes it a great item for all your promotional needs.

This is yet another great option as well for giveaways, souvenirs, gifts, and more because it can easily be inflated or deflated, and is great for travel.

Kids love having something to occupy themselves with, and parents love having something that is easy and convenient to use and doesn’t take up much space. The basketball beach ball is perfect for that.

You can’t go wrong with these, really!

If you needed another reason to consider basketballs as PR items, you really can’t go wrong with these.

Promotion can feel difficult to navigate, and even more difficult to come up with new ways to do it.

Basketballs are a great option for promoting your business because they can be branded with not just your company name, but your logo as well.

These are items that hold up well, so you know they’ll be used for a long time, meaning endless amounts of promotion for you!

As mentioned, they’re perfect for tournaments, camps, and other basketball events for kids, because it is highly unlikely that they’ll go unused. If anything, you might need more than you expect, and you’re bound to get your name out there with all the kids playing with them, and their families watching.

Promoting your business doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, and taking advantage of promotional basketballs to get some local advertising is a unique and efficient option to do just that.

Which basketball was your favorite? There’s no reason to pick just one!

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