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Everything You Need to Know About the Beanie and How It Can Boost Your Business

With the weather getting colder, the beanie is starting to show up all over the place again.

Beanies don’t really receive as much love as they deserve though.

They feel comfortable on your head, they provide needed protection from the cold, they can be quite stylish if designed the right way, and some can even be equipped with highly useful additions.

In this article, we’ll give the beanie the appreciation it has long deserved by diving deeper into its origins and even discussing some ways for how it can be beneficial to your business prospects.

Let’s get started.

Unraveling the History of the Beanie

You can trace the roots of the beanie we know today back to medieval-era England.

To be more specific, the first mentions of a piece of headwear similar to the beanie came from the town of Monmouth, according to this article from Birchbox.

They slowly became more popular, and people started calling them “Monmouth caps,” owing of course to their place of origin.

At the height of their popularity in medieval England, the Monmouth caps became compulsory attire for men at some point during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. To think that an example of headwear could become so popular that it became mandatory to wear is truly quite remarkable, but understandable too.

Remember that this is a point in time when you couldn’t just turn on a heater when you want to, so anything that could provide valuable warmth during the harsh winter months was welcome. The Monmouth caps filled that role, and they soared in popularity because of that.

However, the Monmouth caps were not meant to hang around forever, and they became less popular as the years went on.

Still, even as they became less popular within their country of birth, the Monmouth caps were being adopted by citizens of other nations.

The British sailors who were wearing them all the time were unwittingly spreading their popularity across the globe, and soon enough, they enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in Canada.

The Monmouth caps becoming popular in Canada was not an accident. Because the people there also know a ton about how unpleasant it can be to deal with the winter cold, it simply made sense for them to wear the warm caps over their heads.

Something did change by that point though, as the name previously attributes to the caps fell out of circulation, and they instead became known to Canadians as tuques. It seems anyone in Canada who spent a good amount of time outdoors wore a tuque.

Even today, tuques are easy to find in the country.

People in the United States took notice of the cap over time, and they became particularly popular among workers.

The knit cap exploded in popularity after they became widely used by members of the Navy.

Since then, the knit cap has undergone several transformations. It’s also gone from being a purely functional piece of clothing to one that people know wear for its visual appeal.

It’s quite remarkable to think that the beanies of today came about because people wanted something practical to use for the purposes of fending off the cold.

The Different Types of Beanies

One of the most significant ways in which the beanie has evolved can be seen in the fact that several variants of it exist now.

There’s no longer just one type of beanie, so when you’re looking for something to buy, you have to be a bit more specific.

Cuffless Beanies

According to HuffPages, the type of beanie you are most likely to see while out shopping is known as a cuffless beanie. As its name suggests, a cuffless beanie does not feature that extra roll of cloth that people can pull down.

Cuffless beanies are comfortable, fashionable, and easy to customize too if you have something in mind for them.

Cuffed Beanies

Obviously, if there are cuffless beanies, then there are also cuffed beanies.

Cuffed beanies are bulkier and provide more warmth, so they become more popular once winter sets in. Similar to their cuffless counterparts, these caps are usually designed plainly, which makes them ideal canvasses for logos, and other patterns.

Brimmed Beanies

These beanies combine the comfort provided by a beanie together with the form of a standard baseball cap to create something that can look quite unusual when you first see it.

Brimmed beanies differ significantly from other variants because they can be regarded as accessories best worn when it’s sunny outside.

Earflap Beanies

Returning now to beanies best used during the winter time, the earflap beanie is one people will want to reach for when it’s really cold outside.

They feature a structure similar to a cuffless beanie, but the big difference is that there are big sheets of cloth on the sides that can be used to protect the ears from the cold winds.

Also unlike the other beanies, the ones with earflaps typically feature intricate designs, so they’re not quite as suitable for customization.

Knitted Beanies

Knitted beanies stand out from the rest because they typically feature that handmade quality, which makes them look extra special.

These beanies are also fluffier and often thicker because they are designed to provide as much warmth as possible.

Knitted beanies are also known to feature patterns of some kind.

Skull Caps

The skull cap is the smallest type of beanie. It’s common to see a skull cap that just barely covers the scalp and almost no part of the forehead.

Skull caps can be made from a variety of materials, and that includes leather.


Last up are the toques, and these can be considered as the descendants of the tuques that were widely used in Canada many years ago.

These variants are very similar in form and function to many of the other beanie types.

More often than not, the only thing that really serves to distinguishes a toque from a beanie is your geographic location. Canadians most often refer to these toasty caps as a togue and Americans refer to them as a beanie.

Now that we’ve discussed the humble beginnings of the beanie, and its many forms that are in circulation, we can move on to the meat of the matter.

Beanies Can Be Your Buddies in Business

The comfortable, stylish, and versatile beanie is a great accessory, but it has other uses beyond that. You may not realize it yet, but custom beanies can be quite useful to your business as a promotional tool.

Listed below are just some ideas for how a beanie can be used to generate more buzz for your business.

Build a Winter Promo Campaign around Beanie Giveaways

We’ve already talked at length about how the ancestors of the modern beanie grew to become so popular mainly because they were useful against fighting off the cold.

The beanies of today may look different in certain ways from their older counterparts, but they have retained that key quality.

That is something you can take advantage of especially with winter on its way.

If your business has brick and mortar outlets, then it could be a smart move for you to provide beanies as giveaways after customers hit or exceed a certain number with their purchases.

More often than not, seasonal giveaways are uninspired and even just plain useless, causing customers to wonder why the business thought it was wise to hand out something that is almost assuredly going straight to the garbage.

By offering something like a beanie during the winter season, you are bucking that trend.

People will actually use beanies if they are well-made, and some customers may even consider adding extra items to their cart just to make sure that they will be qualified to receive that freebie.

In order to get more mileage out of the beanies your business is giving away, you can even have your own custom logos on them. When other people see your customers wearing your company’s branded beanies around town, there’s a chance they will become more interested in what else you are offering.

You’re investing money in items that will ultimately not be sold for money, but you can still stand to profit from them as long as you handle the promotional campaign the right way.

Just make sure that you don’t skimp on the quality of the beanie that you are distributing to your customers, because if they are unhappy with the free items they receive, your promotional campaign may end up backfiring.

Use Beanies as Souvenirs for Local Events Sponsored by Your Business

Local events pop up all over the place during this time of the year.

Some of these local events may be connected to the coming holidays, while some may be about specific people or just important dates in your neck of the woods.

An easy way to drum up some positive press for your business is to sponsor one of those local events.

Of course, sponsoring a local event will cost your business money, and there’s no real guarantee that there will be some long-term payoff. Some of the people who will take part in the event may not even remember that your business sponsored it in the first place.

When something like that happens, it’s difficult not to think that your investment was all for naught.

In order to prevent people from forgetting about your sponsored the event, you can give them something to remember it by, like a souvenir beanie.

If the event is taking place outdoors, you can even increase the chances that the people participating will even wear your custom beanies right away.

As a business owner, you may understandably be concerned about how much money you are spending when you add up the sponsorship costs and the price of the beanies. However, because beanies can be purchased in bulk at an affordable price, the total amount you will need to spend will not be exorbitant.

The added attention you draw to your business is incredibly valuable though.

Hold a Beanie Design Contest at a Local School

Let’s say that your business is based in a city that does not have a ton of events lined up for the rest of the year. Sponsoring a local event then would be out of the question, but there are still other things you can do to get more people interested in your business.

One idea is to go to a local school and sponsor a beanie design contest there. Ask the students to submit their best idea for a beanie design. Whichever design concept is chosen gets printed on a bunch of beanies that are then distributed to the students there.

Encourage the students to tap into their creative side and help them see if they have an inner artist.

That kind of event is fun for students to participate in, and it’s also good press for your business.

Some of the students may even ask their parents to help them come up with a winning design, and that will be beneficial to your business because that means more adults with disposable income will be made aware of your company.

Sponsoring that design contest is a low-risk way to get people talking about your company, including some who you may not have been able to reach with your other marketing efforts.

Distribute Beanies as Souvenirs at Company Parties and Team-Building Exercises

Up to this point, we’ve talked about ways to get members of your local community and your customers to provide added promotion for your business, but you don’t really need to look outside of the office to find people who can help spread awareness about your products and services.

You will likely be hosting a holiday party for your employees before the year is up, so why not use that event for the benefit of your business as well. Before sending home your employees for the holidays, give them some free company-branded beanies.

That beanie will serve as a nice token for them, and it could be something that helps boost your business if they start wearing it around town as they shop for presents.

You can kill two birds with one stone by doing that, as you’re giving your hardworking employees some useful gifts while also increasing the chances that you will be getting some free advertising in the near future.

It’s a win-win proposition for both parties.

Give Away Beanies During Safety Initiatives

Winter season is the time for sipping hot chocolate, sitting around a roaring fireplace, and just generally finding ways to remain cozy amidst the freezing cold.

If you’re going to spend the majority of your time indoors, you should have no trouble staying warm, but the people who will be spending plenty of time outside are more at risk to catch a cold, and in some cases, folks may even fall victim to something more serious such as hypothermia.

Talk about being properly prepared to deal with the cold of winter with your customers and offer them something they can use to combat the low temperatures. A beanie will work well in that scenario.

Beanies became widely used centuries ago because of their ability to provide protection against the cold, and the ones offered today still do that job exceptionally well.

If anything, the beanies of today are even better suited for cold protection.

To provide your customers with the best protection against freezing temperatures, offer them the cuffed or earflap beanies.

Your customers will be grateful for the reminder to keep watch over their health this winter, and they may repay you for that by getting a beanie directly from you.

Give Away Beanies for Charitable Causes

The holiday season is the season for giving, and after another profitable year, it is time for you and your company to give back.

You can do that in any number of ways, but one of the most practical ways to do so is through giving away some free beanies.

Drop by the local homeless shelter will boxes full of new beanies and give them away to good folks down on their luck who don’t have the money to get one.

Beanies are essential pieces of wintertime clothing. Given that the people in homeless shelters will probably have to deal with the cold more often than most folks, even something as simple a new beanie may make a huge difference in their daily lives.

A beanie will not provide them with all the protection they will need against the cold, but even so, every little bit will help them out.

Even if you don’t end up getting a ton of buzz because of this charitable gesture, it will be more than worth it, in the end, to know that you are extending even just a bit of generosity to the people who need it the most during this time of the year.

Which Beanies Should You Choose as Souvenirs and Giveaways?

Now that you have some ideas for how you can make use of beanies to promote your business, it’s time to make sure that you are choosing the right items to give away.

For the giveaway promo, it’s best to go with the beanie that possesses the most mass appeal. In that case, you will want to go with the cuffless beanie. As mentioned earlier, this is the beanie type that you will see most often while out shopping, so just take a cue from that and you are sure to have many customers who will be pleased with their free gift.

Cuffless beanies are also the ones you will want to give away for your sponsored local events and company gatherings.

As for the beanie design contest, a cuffless beanie that is customized based on the winning design will work, but you can also opt for one with a toque design or even a brimmed beanie to feature something different.

The beanies you will give away at the homeless shelter need to be as thick as they can possibly be. With that in mind, choose the thickest cuffed beanies available or the ones that come with earflaps so that the wearers are provided with added protection.

You will have plenty of options to choose from when it comes time for you to decide which beanie type is best for your company’s safety initiative.

Thick, cuffed beanies and the ones that come with earflaps are options to consider again here, but you may be surprised to know that there are other variants of the cap that come with other useful features.

You can get beanies made out of a material that is specifically designed to combat the cold.

There are also beanies that feature reflective colors. A beanie that comes in reflective colors will come in very handy when people are traveling or even just walking around at night. Given how poor visibility can be during winter nights, a cap that will stand out in the dark will keep its wearer safer.

Also, some beanies are even equipped with LED lights that will be incredibly useful for nighttime traveling.

The abundance of beanie options available currently should make it easier for you to find the right one for whatever cause or event you had in mind.

The beanie is an underappreciated accessory, which is understandable given its typically unassuming appearance.

As you’ve probably surmised by now though, the beanie deserves to be recognized more as a useful accessory especially during this time of the year. Also, even if we did focus mainly on the beanie’s ability to keep people warm, that should not limit it to being a wintertime accessory.

The beanie can be very stylish in its own right, and the ones that are well-made can be paired well with any casual look. This particular piece of headwear will help you express your relaxed style, while also keeping you warm.

Beanies have been around as early as the 14th century, and they’re a safe bet to hang around for more centuries to come. People from all around the world and from different eras of history have fallen in love with the beanie, and that is likely to keep on happening.

You can shop all of our customized beanies here.