The Importance of Retail Euro Tote Bags

The Importance of Retail Euro Tote Bags

Euro totes are far more than just ordinary shopping bags–they are a representation of your brand. For lack of better words, they are symbolic to your brand image. While the contents inside the bag are what build your company’s reputation, what consumers leave with keeps them coming back. Let me explain. Not only do eurototes leave consumers with a sophisticated feel, but it is also a unique way in which you can generate new consumers–otherwise known as brand exposure.

For example, consumers are proud to leave when they are exiting your store with a branded euro tote bag. They confidently flaunt their totes as they walk up and down the strip. Let’s be honest because we have all been there. As badly as we have wanted to toss the bags in our cars, it feels so nice to show off to the world what we just bought and where it came from.

Custom Printed Euro Tote Bags for Retail Branded Promotion

Ordering euro totes may seem like a small step when trying to increase brand awareness, but the return is incredible! Not only are these eurototes cost-effective, but they expose your brand further than you think. A shopping tote can end up on a social media post–that alone has the potential to generate many new consumers. Keep in mind, though, that I have never seen a plastic bag purposely posted on any of my friend’s social media platforms. I have only seen the well-put-together cute ones. 

Nowadays, you only have around 8 seconds to make the first impression of your business. This makes having nice packaging the only real way to create a valuable first impression. 

Benefits of Euro Tote Bags:

  • Euro tote bags are versatile and are completely customizable so that you can maintain your branding image.
  • The bags come in an array of different sizes so that the contents inside are well-suited.
  • Totes are reusable and, of course, stylish.
  • Compared to plastic bags, eurototes are more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective.
  • Let’s be honest, these bags are much less likely to end up as a trash liners. You can even find luxurious retail brand tote bags being sold on second-hand websites. Take the Louis Vuitton shopping bags, for example.
  • The soft macrame handles allow a soft cushion for husbands’ arms. Ladies, it is not cutting off their arm circulation, so don’t believe that line (wink, wink).

How You Should Choose Your Euro Totes

Ordering eurototes through Perfect Imprints means that you have many different options when it comes to size, style, and color. Here are our suggestions on how you should choose the euro tote that best fits your company:

Sizes: Sizes should be selected depending on what is going inside. If you are a jewelry company, it is highly unlikely that you will need the same size bag as a clothing company. 

Style: Your bag style should always match your branding image. If you are a business that sells natural products, it may be in your best interest to order eurototes that give off a natural appeal.

chocolate brown euro tote

Color: As marketing experts, we know that color psychology plays a big role in appealing to a consumer. Your euro tote bags should always include your company colors, but they can also include colors that are more vibrant, noticeable, or sophisticated.

For more information on retail euro totes, be sure to contact Perfect Imprints, today! If you are ready for a free quote, please fill in our Euro Tote Quote Request form down below!

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