The Most Spectacular Holiday Gifts For Clients In 2019

Holiday Gifts for clients

According to Forbes, corporate gift-giving is a $125 billion industry. That means that choosing the right present for your work colleagues is actually a serious business!

What better way to show your customers you care than by giving them holiday gifts?

Not sure how to choose the best client gifts?

We got your back.

Take a look at our list of the most spectacular holiday gifts for clients in 2019!

Why Promotional Holiday Gifts Matter

Let’s face it: most people have unlimited options when it comes to buying products.

In reality, signing a contract with a business partner is basically the same thing. Why? Because your customers have tons of other options.

But they choose to work with you!

That’s why keeping your clients close is the ultimate key to growing as a company.

Give a gift that says you appreciate your customers by:

  • Making your present personal.
  • Not overpaying for your gift.
  • Thinking beyond the holiday season.

Here’s the deal: the only way to make your holiday gifts for customers stand out is to make your present personal.

How do you do that?

Essentially, you should avoid ordering the exact same present for every single client.

Why does this matter?

Think about it: considering someone’s personal hobbies and interest is the best way to give them a one-of-a-kind gift.

That being said, don’t overpay for your present either.

As a rule of thumb: it’s not a good idea to give your client a gift that’s worth more than their services. That’s literally the definition of “overdoing it.”

Don’t know what to do?

Just make sure that your gift is proportionate to the amount of money that your client is paying you. That way, no one will feel awkward about your present.

Need some more help?

Think beyond the holiday season.

Why is this so important?

When you send your customers presents throughout the whole year, it will make your company stand out on a regular basis.

Not only that, but shipping gifts to your clients at times besides the holiday season is a fantastic way to show that you care about them year-round.

Now that you know why promotional holiday gifts matter, it’s time to take a look some perfect present ideas for customers!

Perfect Present Ideas for Customers

Wondering how to show your customers how much you care about them?

In addition to providing excellent services and products, you can top it all off with some meaningful Christmas gifts.

Need a helping hand? Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

Here are some fantastic client gift ideas:

  • A succulent garden.
  • A notebook for work.
  • A blend of coffee or tea.

Want to know a secret?

A succulent garden is an incredibly affordable gift that you can give clients all year long.

All that you have to do is send your customer a terrarium kit and an arrangement of succulents. Plus, they don’t need much supervision or watering to stay fresh.

Bonus points: succulent gardens can last for several years.

Not sure if your client has a green thumb?

Lifehack: Just buy them a fake succulent arrangement instead!

What about shipping your client a notebook for work?

To put it simply, we’re not recommending that you send your customers a gigantic stack of Sticky Notes for Christmas.

We can’t emphasize this enough: buying your client a professional moleskin with your company logo is an unforgettable gift!

How about a wonderful blend of coffee or tea for a customer present?

It won’t cost much to get your client a box of selected tea or coffee for the holidays.

Besides that, who wouldn’t want to put a pep in their step around that time of the year?

Also, it doesn’t hurt to give your customers a rest from their everyday breakroom coffee either.

Want to take it up a notch?

Get coffee or tea blends from local companies to really make your gift unique!

Additional Corporate Gift Ideas

Looking for additional corporate gift ideas? We’ve got you covered.

Some other amazing gifts for customers include:

Don’t want your client to miss out on important dates or meetings?

Then buy them a nice desk calendar for their office!

But wait – there’s more.

It’s super easy to brand your corporate calendar gifts with your company logo too.

If you’re looking for next-level presents, you can always have some calendars printed on high-grade paper to add a polished touch as well.

What about purchasing your customer a book for their coffee table?

Pro tip: coffee table books are a wonderful and inexpensive present that most clients will definitely appreciate!

Want to know the best part?

You can actually have a good time choosing books filled with fun facts about your client’s hometown, state, or country.

Now that’s a gift that they’ll be proud to display at their office over many years.

Don’t forget to add your company name and personal message inside the book cover!

Is your client a frequent flyer?

Then they’ll probably love to carry a fancy bag for toiletries on their next business trip.

That’s why you should send your customers a customized toiletry bag right away!

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also monogram their travel bag for them too.

With a variety of waterproof, leather, and canvas choices, the hardest part will be choosing the cutest one!

More Unique Customer Gifts

On the hunt for even more unique customer gifts? We have what you’re searching for!

In fact, you can’t help but impress your clients by gifting them things like:

  • Portable USB chargers.
  • Reusable water bottles.
  • Trendy accessories.
  • Beer brewing kit.
  • Baked good delivery.

Let’s keep it real: buying your customer a portable USB charger with your logo branded on it is a fantastic gift.

It gets better.

Chances are your clients’ are always on the go. Your practical gift can actually help them to get their job done quickly!

Have you considered giving your customers the present of reusable water bottles?

No longer will your client’s office recycling bin be filled with disposable water bottles!

Banish waste by gifting your customer a reusable water bottle with your company’s design on it.

What’s the real deal about buying trendy tech gifts for clients?

Honestly, most customers would rather receive an up-to-date techy present than another company tee.

That’s why you should purchase some modern gadgets like digital desk clocks or watches with your company’s branding on it.

Is your customer a craft brewing fanatic?

Give them the gift of free beers on the house for life with a beer brewing kit.

You can also take it up a notch by including some branded beer pint glasses for your client to use.

What could possibly be better than surprise delivery of baked goods for your client?

We’re guessing: nothing.

So, you can’t go wrong with ordering some local pastries to your client’s office.

Extra points for sending glazed donuts!

Extra Special Customer Gift Ideas

Dying to know some extra special customer gift ideas?

Allow us to enlighten you. It’s always smart to ship presents to customers like:

  • Gift cards to new restaurants.
  • Cooking gift baskets.
  • Customized golfing balls.
  • Sound-proof headphones.
  • Artisan food baskets.

Want to send your client a present with a contemporary twist?

Try giving your customer a gift card to a new restaurant in their area. That way, you can avoid bogging them down with the same old Applebee’s certificate.

Even better, you can even ask your customer which eateries they’ve been wanting to check out lately.

Not only is this a nice gesture, but they’ll be sure to mention your company name at least once at dinner!

Have you ever heard of a cooking gift basket?

If you know that your client values whipping up culinary delights on the weekend, then you should definitely send them a cook’s basked.

How can you put a chef’s basket together?

Try gathering a couple of ingredients that won’t expire for a long time, like nuts, popcorn, and candy.

Have you considered giving your customer customized golfing balls and tees?

For those whose client’s love to do business on the putting green, it’s wise to gift them a personalized set of golf balls and tees with your company logo on them.

Do you live in the area?

Extend an invitation to your customer to paly a round of golf for free as well!

Let’s face facts: the modern workplace is noisy and chaotic.

That’s why you really need to get your customers a great pair of headphones to drown out all the sounds of printers and fax machines.

Trust us – your client will be grateful when they can conduct their business meetings in peace!

Finally, the traditional artisan food basket is a proven winner!

Beyond your Standard Corporate Gifts

Have you ever found yourself getting tired of giving the same presents to your customers year after year?

Try to go beyond your standard corporate gifts with things like:

  • Online courses.
  • Charitable donations.
  • Catered lunch sessions.
  • A personalized letter.

In today’s digital age, the most special present you can give is education.

Why not buy a subscription for online courses this holiday season?

You can even pay for a monthly or annual subscription for things like:

  • Photography classes.
  • Cooking classes.
  • Software classes.

We promise that your clients’ won’t forget this gift!

Do you feel like physical presents just aren’t cutting it this holiday season?

Then try giving your customer the gift of a charitable donation.

Make a donation on your client’s behalf and tell them which good deed their money is going towards.

That’s not all.

Gifting charitable donations to your clients is a touching way to share your company’s value with your customers too.

Does your client simply adore a good catered lunch session?

If so, then we highly recommend shelling out some cash for a paid business lunch.

Just set up a bar for sandwiches or burritos for your customer’s company.

Don’t worry, the food doesn’t have to be very expensive.

Just aim to include some delicious desserts for a nice touch!

Are you trying to send a personal message during the holidays?

There’s nothing wrong with sending a personalized letter to your customers. Of course, that’s on top of a nice box of corporate gifts.

And you don’t have to wait all year to send a handwritten note to your clients either.

As a matter of fact, it’s better to send it during the offseason. Why? Because it can lead to you getting customer referrals throughout the year!

Choosing the Best Holiday Gifts for Clients

Don’t know how to choose the best holiday gifts for clients?

We’re here to help.

From why promotional gifts matter to the perfect present ideas for your clients, we have everything you need to make a good impression this holiday season.

Want a cheat sheet?

Nothing beats sending a succulent garden, a notebook for work, or a blend of coffee or tea to your customer during the holiday season.

Looking for a more unconventional present?

Try shipping portable USB chargers, reusable water bottles, and trendy accessories to your clients.

No matter what you choose, your customers will be sure to love all of your presents.

Just don’t forget to brand your corporate gifts with your company logo.

The rest should be smooth sailing. Good luck!

Need some assistance? Contact us for all of your promotional holiday gift needs!

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