The Need For Change

The Need For Change With Your Marketing & Promotional ItemsChange is inevitable for most businesses. If you don’t adapt with the times, you’ll soon find your business is struggling to stay afloat. Inevitable changes may include the way you perfect your business services, the products you offer, the physical look and feel of your store, your website design, and your advertising and marketing.

Your strategies to reach new clients must change. Doing the same thing you’ve always done with your marketing will certainly result in a plateau or, most likely, a gradual decline in effectiveness.

I recently experienced a rut I couldn’t get out of until I decided to make a change. This “running” story made me think about how marketing/advertising works in the same way. You must execute change to see positive gains.

Reaching A Plateau

I’ve been a runner all my life, not competitively, but just because I love it. It’s an outlet for stress. Over the past few decades, my running distance/times have been relatively unchanged, and I was content with that. I hadn’t increased speed or distance in years. I ran the same path, distance, and pace time after time.

It was comfortable.

Recently, I decided I wanted to improve my pace, so I tried running faster. I ran my regular route in the fastest time I could and recorded it. After that, I was stuck. Occasionally I could beat that fastest time by a second or two, but I could not make significant improvements. No matter how fast I tried to run, the improvements were infrequent and minuscule.

I finally realized a change in my workout routine was needed. I added speed runs and interval training into my workouts. I also added some cross training by swimming laps on my non-run days. I even added some strength training for my legs, hips, and back. I changed up my runs each time, adding variety. I actually saw positive changes in the first week, and low and behold, my times dramatically increased within only a two weeks.

Before these changes I was in a comfort zone, and I didn’t venture out of it. Now, I routinely push my limits, and I see gains. Big gains. Although I wasn’t unhappy with running before, I’m now more excited about it because I am seeing forward progress.

Do Your Promotional Products Need A Changeup?

Does your company marketing sound eerily parallel to my running plateau? If so, it’s time for change in how you are trying to reach your customers or prospects.

Maybe your company has been giving the same custom koozies away for the past 10 years.

Maybe for your company it has been the same promotional pens.

Other companies give the same, exact custom Christmas ornaments year after year to their clients. Yes, some of them get a little wild and crazy by changing up the ornament color, but they don’t veer from the traditional ball ornaments.

The kind of change I’m talking about is a whole new approach. And that approach is different for every business. The strategy is going to depend on your client base, your location, your company culture, and many other aspects that determine the mood of your marketing.

With the right strategic approach, promotional products can open the door to many new clients. It begins with changing how you are using them.

Are You Ready For A Positive Change?

Because we have a nationwide base of clients, we are familiar with industry trends, popular products, and have experience with other companies in the same field as yours. With that knowledge, we can help suggest some great promotional items to meet your goals.

Be sure to check out the 6 Steps To Choose The Right Promotional Products.

Whether your goals are attracting new customers, promoting a specific product or service, or getting sales appointments, we can direct you to the best promotional products for the job.

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