The Perfect Way to Bring Wine to the Beach (Without Glass)

Custom Foldable Wine BottlesA couple months ago, we were given the task of finding self-promos for an upcoming event. We are located on the Gulf Coast of Florida so I decided my item was going be beach-related.

A coworker suggested a foldable wine bottle. This made sense as most people take drinks to the beach and glass is not permitted. She showed us a photo of the item and at first glance I wasn’t very impressed. The low cost of the item mademe suspicious about the quality. Having been in the industry for close to 10 years, I understand the importance of quality. If you’re going to use a product to promote your company or brand, you should feel confident of what you are presenting. This industry has something to offer every budget so the range of quality can vary. To make the right decision on this product I requested a sample from the vendor. 

A week later the sample was sitting on my desk. My first thought was how large the available imprint area was: 7”H x 2” W. Most products have limited space to work with so it’s nice to have the extra space. You can also print on both sides of the bottle. This allows for better exposure of the brand & design. This product is designed to be filled with liquid so the fact that you can print the ingredients on the back, if desired, is a great option. The more I reviewed this item, the more I was impressed. The plastic is sturdy and BPA free. The heat sealing on the seams is more than .25” in width, so you know it is sealed properly (see photo below). The foldable wine bottle holds 750 ml (25.36 fluid oz.).  The cap is easy to remove and tighten. I can easily see this product in the retail market due to its quality.

The vendor promotes this item as a foldable wine bottle but you can easily substitute wine for any other drink. The shape of the bottle doesn’t just look like a wine bottle but also passes for other spirits. It reminds me of the Grey Goose vodka bottle. I wanted to test the product so I froze the bottle after I filled it with water. Two hours later it was frozen solid and the plastic held up perfectly. I now see new potential to use this item for frozen cocktails as well. The cap was removed easily as the neck design keeps it dry so it doesn’t freeze around the collar.

Since the foldable wine bottle is mostly clear, the liquid you use to fill the bottle will directly affect the visibility of the imprint. If you fill the bottle with red wine I recommend a light-colored imprint. If you fill it with a white wine I recommend a dark-colored imprint.

I can’t think of anything wrong with this item. I will highly recommend this item to any of my clients. This item can be used at events or even to promote a new drink product. I can see this item sitting in a fridge, freezer or being used at a picnic or a beach outing. It will work perfectly for our clients and the fact that it’s foldable will make it easy to fit in a beach cooler.  We will be using this product at an upcoming event for ourselves, and I have no doubt it will be well received. I feel 100% confident having this item represent our brand. This product is worth the purchase, and you get more than you pay for considering the quality.

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