The Perfect Winter Promotional Items

The Perfect Winter Items: Promo Gift Ideas to Cure Winter Woes from Lip Balm to Lotion

With each season comes a new opportunity for you to market your business in new ways. You might be aware that season changes can affect your business and sales drastically. So you should definitely be taking advantage of what could be in store for your company’s growth.

Now that winter is upon us, you can supply your customers with great promotional items that will help them get through the cold and remember your business at the same time. You might be stuck at just thinking of hats and scarves for a winter promotion. But there are so many more items that could really hit home with your customers.

Keep reading if you’re having a hard time finding the right ideas for promo products that you can include this year. Here’s an extensive list of some amazing winter items that your business can use for promotion to make customers love you.

Winter Beanie Caps

Custom Winter Beanie Caps

Well, of course, we had to start with one of the most common and popular winter items. You can honestly never go wrong with using a winter beanie to promote your business during the winter.

People will always want to keep their heads warm and look cool while doing it. Consider adding this to your promotional products for the snowy season. For a cute touch, choose beanies with unique add-ons, such as furry pom-poms on top, a leather patch, or designer stitching.

Knitted Mittens

Yet another common but classic item that buyers will love to remember you by. Knitted mittens are the cutest little addition to your wintertime marketing efforts.

They provide customers with comfort and warmth!

Fleece/Knit Headband

Customers will appreciate a promotional product like this when it’s below freezing and the wind is blowing straight at them. Add some elastic headbands made from a cozy, insulated material for extra protection from the chill.

Your company could be the one to save their ears from frostbite and their brains from brain freezes.

Knit Scarf

Knitted scarfs are one of those type winter items. Any customer would appreciate a soft, knitted scarf with a cozy feel keeping them warm everywhere they go – from the ski slopes to brisk walks in the park.

Hat, Scarf, Gloves Set

If you really want to impress customers with your promotional product giveaways, add a set of these holy grail winter essentials. Make their winter even easier by giving them a hat, scarf and glove set made from a comfortable material, such as fleece.

Customers will have no problem wearing your brand outside when temperatures begin to drop low. They’ll be happy that your giveaway item was an all-in-one package deal item!

Stainless Steel Insulated Mug

Custom Stainless Steel Tumblers

The consumption of hot drinks increases when the weather is cold. And we’re sure your customer will be looking for something to store those sizzling beverages in.

Add some cool insulated mugs to your winter items for consumers to conveniently carry around and keep their drinks warmer much longer.

Coffee/Tea/Hot Chocolate Ceramic Mugs

Here’s another one on the list of winter items that supports the need for hot beverages during those chilly days. Mugs have been an important staple in most people’s lives for years.

The best part about this promo item is that they can use it all year – which means year long reminders of your business!

Traveling Tumbler/Thermos Cup with Insulation

Most people don’t have time to sit down for their morning tea or coffee. So they typically prepare them and drink them on their way to work or school. Tumbler or Thermos cups are great ways to travel with your warm drink to save you time and money on Starbucks.

These cups usually have built-in insulation to help your drink stay and hot and ready while you travel. These cups are a handy add-on to your winter items promotional list.

Electronic Screen Friendly Gloves

Technology is a large part of most of our daily lives. And it doesn’t stop being a necessity just because it’s cold outside. With these touchscreen gloves, customers are able to continue using their devices without having to keep taking their gloves off and putting them back on.

This would be a great addition to promotional winter items for all the techies!

Zipper Fleece Jacket

Fleece is one of the most winter-friendly materials someone can use to stay warm and cozy. Customers will be head-over-heels if you provide them with fleece jackets. You can give this product to men, women, and children.

They would also wear these promotional winter items on a daily basis. This means more marketing for you, more often!

Hooded Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts are another hot commodity item. They’re great for throwing on under a larger coat or jacket for extra layering. Some people also love them for athletic usages, such as gym trips and jogs around the block.

No matter the use, customers will love a customized hooded sweatshirt as one of your winter promo items.

Customized Long Socks

Custom Socks

Cold weather means buyers will have cold feet, freezing ankles and chilly legs. Your company will be there to save them by doing promotional product giveaways with these great winter promo items.

For the most part, everyone could use an extra pair of socks. Especially ones that are designed to keep the majority of your legs warm.

All-Natural Personalized Lip Balms

Here’s a super fun gift to add to your list of winter items! No one wants dry, chapped lips during the cold seasons. But, unfortunately, it happens and quite frequently.

You can help your customers out with this issue by offering them all natural lip balms in a variety of flavors that you choose. Pick a traditional tube for your balms or an EOS shaped egg. These gifts are compact enough for their convenience but practical enough for them to utilize daily.

Lip Balm Holder Sleeves with Clip

This little add-on will make your lip balms even cooler. Personalize sleeves that hold that lip balm to offer customers. There’s also a clip that they can use to attach their balms to their clothes, keys, etc. for even more convenience.

Surely they’ll appreciate your consideration. And these winter items will be used regularly enough for your promotional efforts to go a long way. Customers won’t lose their lip balm or your brand!

Car Ice Scrapers

There’s nothing like being stuck in a snowstorm with nothing to clean off your car or your car windows. Now customers will think of your brand when it comes to saving them from a wintry mess.

You can choose from multiple types of ice scrapers depending on what you think customers will enjoy the most. For instance, you could choose a highly functional extendable ice scraper with a brush attachment. Or you could go with something unique like an ice scraper mitten.

Ice scrapers for cars are clever products to give to any customer with a vehicle or that knows someone with a vehicle – which is pretty much everyone. Pass out these handy winter items as promotional giveaways so customers will have mobile reminders.

Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets with Custom Logo

Imagine your customer, draped in a customized blanket with your logo on it, curled in front of the fireplace. What a way to be remembered! You can make this fantasy a reality by upgrading your promotional winter items with some cozy blankets.

You also have the option of various materials. Buyers can enjoy your personalized blankets in fabrics from fleece to micro plush and even sweatshirt. You could even include travel blankets that come equipped with straps for rolling up and a bad for storing while on the go.

Hand Sanitizers

Along with the snow and chill comes a cough and cold. The winter season has increased amounts of cases of sickness. To avoid catching germs and falling ill, most people usually try their hardest to keep their body germ-free throughout the day.

Antibacterial hand sanitizers your customers who are extra careful about contracting any nearby symptoms. There are even mini spray sanitizers for added convenience.

Hot Chocolate Gift Sets

You can’t really have the winter without a warm drink to thaw you out after spending time in the cold. Hot cocoa is one of everyone’s favorite wintry drinks. It sets the tone for the season and is fun to make and drink with friends and family.

You can give your buyers the gift of a cup of happiness by adding hot chocolate gifts sets to your winter items inventory. You don’t even have to settle for one flavor. With gift sets, you can include multiple flavors for people to sample and enjoy. Lots of sets also come with keepsakes, including mugs, spoons and thermoses.

Don’t skip out on this giveaway, especially around the holidays. This promo product will brighten up any recipient’s season!

Large or Small Umbrellas

Custom Umbrellas

Having an umbrella is a basic essential. So its a no-brainer to agree that people will definitely enjoy this promo giveaway. You can choose between large umbrellas that are suitable for multiple person sharing or smaller, more convenient ones. Nonetheless, your company marketing will be the first pick on any rainy day.


Ponchos are another great promotional gift that your customers are bound to bring out during certain days. It doesn’t have to be raining for them to rock your brand with these promo items. They could also get a use out of them on a snowy day as well.

Include a bag for recipients to store the poncho in for added convenience and more customer appreciation!

Cold & Flu Kits

One of the most inconvenient things about winter is the fact that everyone starts to get sick – and all at the same time! Here’s where your business comes into play. Cold and flu kits will be one of the most helpful products to add to your winter items.

These kits will come in handy if someone needs a quick medical fix on-the-go for their sniffling and sneezing.

Mini Tissue Packs

Here’s another product for giveaway to keep the germs at bay. Mini tissue packs are cute, compact items that people will use frequently. Lots of women already like to keep these tucked away in their purses- especially moms. Supply your customers with these accessible little cleaning tools for their hands and faces.


Everyone isn’t against the cold weather. Sometimes people travel in cold, dark areas for exploring, mountain climbing, etc. Some people have to be outside in the cold for work-related purposes and some people may have emergencies where they get stuck with no lights on a cool day.

No matter the scenario, putting flashlights on your winter items list is a good idea. They’ll come in handy for a majority of different folks at the time that they need quick assistance the most.


Custom Headphones

You may be wondering what listening to music has to do with winter specifically. Well, people don’t stop listening to music just because it’s cold. In fact, headphones are a perfect addition to your winter items because people will continue to use them and wear your brand all year ’round.

For even more convenience, opt for wireless headphones.

Have You Planned Your Winter Items for Promotional Giveaways Yet?

Giving away promotional products that correspond with the season is a great way to increase the range of marketing for your business. Consider adding some of these items that were listed or try thinking of some other unique giveaways that your customers would appreciate.

It may take a few trials to figure out what your customers like but it will surely be worth finding the right ones. If you’re interested in using some winter items for promotional giveaways for your company, feel free to browse through our new products to find promo items that work for your business!

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