The Promotional Apparel You Need for Every Workout

What you wear when you work out is crucial to your success. If you are uncomfortable, hot, or can’t move well, your work out may not be as good as you hoped. Fortunately, there are many options of promotional apparel for every type of exercise today. Both your shirt and pants matter as they can make or break a workout. Wearing the wrong clothes can make you feel overheated and uncomfortable which makes it hard to want to keep working out.

We offer a large selection of promotional apparel that suits every need, especially fitness apparel. You can customize each piece with your business name and logo, giving you even more marketing opportunities as you gift your employees or clients with the gift of promotional apparel. From shirts, pants, hats, and jackets, we offer it all and customize it with your company’s information to ramp up your marketing efforts.

So what do most people wear when working out? Check out the best options below that we offer to help your employees and clients look and feel their best.

The Right Exercise Pants

The right pants can make a workout better. Women and men both need pants that are flexible and breathable. The key is to have moisture-wicking pants that absorb the moisture while you’re working out because as we all know, there’s nothing worse than feeling wet while working out. Your pants should fit well, but allow plenty of movement while exercising to keep you comfortable.

Women also need pants that are flexible. Whether you are doing yoga, aerobics, running, or Pilates, flexibility is the key. Our Sport-Tek fitness pants are made for comfort and even have small pockets to make it easy to stash your keys or other small items that you need while you are working out. Women love these pants for their flexibility and comfort as well as the pockets as many workout pants don’t have pockets that make it inconvenient to work out.

Men need promotional apparel that’s comfortable too. Our Sport-Tek Wind Pants are water-repellant and lightweight. Made of 100% polyester, the pants have side pockets and even back pockets that make it easy to carry the small items you need while working out. The pants are narrow enough at the bottom that they don’t get caught in machines or bikes, making them perfect for long bike rides or runs. Men love the wind resistance of the pants, making it easy to work out even in the toughest winds.

Each of our exercise pants are easily customizable, making it easy to advertise your business while giving your employees and clients an easy way to stay comfortable while exercising. They will love the feeling of the pants and how they make them feel.

The Right Shirt

Shirts also play an integral role in your comfort while working out. You need a shirt that makes movement easy but that also absorbs moisture and is odor-resistant. Wearing the right promotional apparel including the right sleeve length will make your work out more productive and more comfortable. Some people prefer long sleeve shirts while working out, which we offer as well. For some the sweating makes them feel like they are working out better, which can be a good motivator, just make sure the shirts are moisture-wicking to keep everyone comfortable.

If you get extremely hot while working out, you may want to consider tank tops like the Sport-Tek Sleeveless Tee. The moisture-wicking material combined with the sleeveless design is sure to keep anyone cool while working out. Available in a large selection of colors to make it easy to customize your shirts as you need! Customize it with your company’s name and logo and enjoy the advertising it offers. Muscle shirts make a great option for men that lift, run, or participate in any sport that makes them excessively sweaty.

If you prefer a short sleeve shirt, look for those made of dri-fit material that offers optimal performance. You’ll enjoy moisture-wicking and odor resistance while looking stylish during your work out. We offer a wide selection of shirts for both men and women including ladies’ cut shirts that are flattering yet keep you comfortable while you work out. We also have a large selection of promotional apparel with built in SPF that keep you safe as well as cool while you work out especially in the hot summer sun. It’s a great idea to wear shirts that protect you from the sun’s harmful rays to prevent sunburn and decrease your risk of skin cancer.

If you need help finding the right promotional shirt, check out our t-shirt buying guide. 

Staying Warm in Promotional Apparel

Sometimes when you work out, you need a jacket to protect your muscles. As you heat up your body, your muscles need protection to avoid the shock of the cold air. Many people prefer to wear a jacket while warming up, until they are ready to go into a full workout.

We offer a variety of jackets that are super soft, lightweight, and moisture-wicking. This makes it great to wear while working out without feeling sweaty or wet. Our men’s jacket is available in three colors, making it easy to customize to your company’s colors and logos. Our women’s jacket has a matte finish, is soft, and has a hood making it perfect for any weather. It’s lightweight enough to wear during your workout or just to warm up your muscles. Our women’s jacket is available in lots of colors to please every customer or employee that you have.

Promotional apparel is a great way to advertise your business, since people wear promotional jackets when they aren’t working out too. Our promotional jackets are a great way to build brand loyalty with your employees or clients. It is an amazing way to reward those that keep your business running.

Protect Your Head With Promotional Apparel

It’s also important to protect your head while you work out, especially if you work out outside. The sun can make your head take a beating, which can make you wear out before you are done with your workout. Of course women, also love our hats because they can hide their hair while working out – who wants to get all dolled up just to work out?

Check out our vast selection of hats that cater to many different people. We offer hats including:

  • Visors that are great for blocking the sun while playing tennis, going for a run, or doing yoga in the park
  • Athletic mesh caps are great to keep your head breathing without feeling overheated while you work out, especially when working out in the summer heat
  • Performance caps are great for working out in any weather and even indoors; they stay on your head well and keep you comfortable

Helping Your Employees and Clients Choose the Right Promotional Apparel

Gifting exercise clothes are a great way to help your employees and customers feel great while working out! It’s important to choose products that have the following features so that everyone is comfortable and safe while working out:

  • Promotional apparel should be loose so that you are free to move about and do the moves that the exercise requires
  • Clothing shouldn’t be so loose that it can get caught in equipment, especially if you are riding a bike, running, or using work out equipment
  • Apparel that offers moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable – no one likes to sweat and feel uncomfortable
  • Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable and flattered. When you feel good about yourself, you’ll be more likely to do the workout

We offer the largest selection of promotional apparel that is great to customize with your company name and logo. We have the largest selection of styles and colors. Now it’s easy to come up with the perfect giveaway for your employees or clients. Everyone today works out to some degree. Showing your employees and clients that you support them is a great way to get them going.

Our workout gear is perfect to wear to exercise, obviously, but also as everyday wear. With your company’s name and logo on the promotional apparel, it’s a great way to market your business while thanking the employees and clients that make your business what it is today. If you have any questions about our products or need help choosing the right products, we’d be happy to help you with your selection.

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