Top Selling Thundersticks to Rally School Spirit

The Top Selling Thundersticks to Rally School Spirit

Aside from a good coaching staff and dedicated players, there’s one thing in common with every sports team that is consistently successful. Their fans are loyal and LOUD. Their fans cheer loudly. Their fans are outraged by a bad call. Their fans celebrate the wins. Their fans embrace the losses and trust their team will bounce back quickly for the next game.

The fans.

They are one of the most important aspects of a desirable game atmosphere. Without them, the team has no purpose of playing. That’s why it’s so important to give your fans the tools which encourage loud cheering.

There are many school spirit items to choose from and a variety of cheering items should be available for your fans to purchase. Teams spirit items such as foam hands, pom poms, megaphones, cowbells, and other popular noisemakers are always a great choice.

But the number one selling noisemakers are thundersticks.

First of All, What Are Thundersticks?

It important to first of clear up a few questions about thundersticks.

What are thundersticks? These are inflatable tubes which are about 20-24″ long (depending on the brand) which you bang together to make a booming noise. When you get hundreds or thousands of pairs together, it creates an unforgettable sound. Because all thundersticks have a large surface area, there is plenty of room to print the school name, team mascot, and business sponsor logos on the cheering sticks.

Is there a difference between BamBams, Thunderstix, Thundersticks, Bang Sticks, Boom Sticks, and several other less popular names? The short answer is NOT REALLY. They all function in the same way. You inflate them, seal them, then bang them together to make noise. There’s really only one that stands out and that’s because it is reusable. The reusable types have a valve making it re-inflatable for future games. This gives these thundersticks a long-term value, whereas, the other types are one-time use only.

Are they dangerous? No, they are made of thin-walled PVC (same material used to make beach balls) or polyethylene (same material used to make plastic bags). If your fans start fencing with the thundersticks, the blows will be insignificant. They are not dangerous in any way. They are safe for both children and adult kids.

The Top 5 Best-Sellers



Thunderstix Brand Noisemakers

Falling in at Number 5 on the list is the Thunderstix brand noisemakers. These are Made in the USA, which makes these a popular choice for those who are willing to support U.S. businesses, even if the cost is higher. These are one-time use, so once they are inflated and sealed, they are good for that game only (or for the whole day). They will slowly lose air with no way to reinflate. However, these are great options when you need Thunderstix in a rush because a 3-day rush option is available!


Light-Up LED BamBams

Light-Up LED BamBams

The #4 most popular thundersticks are the light-up LED BamBams. Just as their name indicates, they have an LED bulb inside which lights up the inflatable sticks. These are very popular for night games at which there is a scheduled black-out period for fans to wave around their light-up thundersticks. They have an activation tab, which once pulled, turns on the LED bulb and stays lit for 4-6 hours. The light will gradually fade out as the battery life diminishes. There is no way to turn these off once activated. These are a great way to shed some light on your sponsors since the logo gets illuminated by the internal light! Choose from either the Super Saver 9 Week Production to save money or if you need them faster, the Priority 3 Week Production option.


BamBams Noisemakers

BamBams Noisemakers

These are the best value for those who plan well in advance. For those planning about 10 weeks in advance, these BamBams Super Saver 9 Week Production noisemakers are produced overseas at an unbelievably low price. They are one-time use thundersticks and take a full 9 weeks to arrive stateside, then they are shipped from the port in California to your address. Chinese New Year can delay shipment of these by 3-4 weeks, so plan ahead early if you want this option! For those of you who aren’t the best advance planners, there is a Priority 3 Week Production available. These are delivered directly to your door within 3 weeks of approving your final proof. These start off white can be printed any custom PMS color of your choice. Each print color (including the background color) adds an additional setup charge. These are a blank canvas, so get creative with your layout!


Blank Stock BamBams

Blank Stock BamBams Noisemakers

The stock Blank BamBams land at #2 on the list because they are a quick-ship item. They aren’t printed, but they come in 16 popular school colors. Order and they will ship by the next day from Virginia. These are great for those last minute scheduled playoff games when you need noisemakers for your fans, but you don’t have time to get them customized.


Reusable Thundersticks

Reusable Thundersticks

The #1 best-selling thundersticks are these Fan-ta-Sticks for one reason – THEY ARE REUSABLE. These noisemakers have a valve used for inflation and deflation, so they can be used an entire season. These provide a great value for your fans, allowing you to sell these at higher prices and make more money for your team or club. Choose from 12 popular school colors and have your logo printed in a large area on the side of the thundersticks! A 48-hour rush is also available for these thundersticks (usually, as the production schedule allows).

Hopefully, this guide helped you narrow down which type of thundersticks are right for your team. Ultimately, they’ll all get the job done, but it often comes down to budget and production time. No matter which options you choose, none of the above noisemakers are a bad option. Your fans will LOVE them! They will be easy to sell at your games allowing you to have a successful fundraiser while improving the school spirit at the same time!

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