The Top Trade Show Giveaways of 2020

What Trade Show Giveaways Will Get Their Attention?

Do you want a way to get your audience’s attention? Do you want something flashier than a pen or tote bag? Consider handing out toys and trade show giveaways . Not only are they fun and catch the attention of kids, but some toys are flashy enough to get the attention of passerby that are down the aisle or even on the other side.

Light up yo-yos are a great attention getter. Have one of your staff members stand at the outskirts of your booth, playing with the light-up yo-yo. Just the flashing lights will be enough to entice people to come into your booth. Chances are kids and adults will play with the yo-yo as they walk around, bringing more attention to your booth .

Help your audience relieve stress with a stress reliever bungee. This is another fun toy a staff member can play with while standing at the outskirts of your booth. Anything you can play with or engage with passerby with is a great way to get attention. As you get people to come into your booth, giveaway the bungee toys and let your audience walk around playing with the toy. They will bring attention to your booth, as everyone will want to know where the ‘toy’ came from.

There’s something about rubber ducks that make kids and adults go crazy. Perhaps it’s the novelty of it, or the humorous nature of the ducks, but they make a great giveaway. We have a large selection of fun ducks that are sure to be a conversation starter for your audience.

If you’re looking for something ‘flashy’ consider keychain lights. They are small enough to carry around and useful for your audience. Have fun with the flashlights at your booth, bringing the attention your way. The keychain flashlight is something everyone can use and again – it gets your company’s name out there. Think about how many times you’ve thought ‘If I only had a flashlight.’

Don’t forget about the fidget spinners! While they were ‘trendy’ for a while, they still have great value. People with trouble sitting still or focusing still find great value in these little toys. Today they come in such a wide variety of shapes and styles that they pertain to a wide audience. This is another one of those ‘toy’s you can sit at the edge of your booth playing with to get more attention.

What Message do you Want to Send?

Trade shows are all about branding, so your giveaways should market your business, but also make sense given your industry. For example, a dentist giving away toothbrushes makes sense, right? What makes sense for your business?

It doesn’t have to be something you sell or even something directly related to your industry, but something that makes sense.

If you’re in the food or drink industry, giving away straws fits right in with your theme. Reusable straws, mood straws, and travel straws are all great giveaways. Since reusable straws seem to be the wave of our future as well all ‘BYOE’ bring-your-own-everything so you don’t share germs, reusable straws can be a useful giveaway.

Just about any company can give away cups – who won’t use a cup, right? Choose cups that fit within your theme, company colors, or personality. Stadium cups are a great option as they are lightweight, and can travel well, again for your audience to take with them as more places open up and encourage the use of your own cups and utensils. Another great option is water bottles as they travel well, keeping users hydrated and safe.

Yardsticks are great for a variety of industries. They make sense for companies that measure, like builders, home renovators, and construction companies. They’re also a great giveaway for educational companies, like tutors or private schools.

Go With the Trends

Of course, there’s always a trend or something that everyone wants to get their hands on. Right now, there are two trends – face masks and hand sanitizer.

In our ‘new normal’ we all have to do what we can to stay safe. Companies everywhere are capitalizing on the trend by giving away branded face masks – the idea is brilliant. What better way for people to see your branding than by others wearing a mask with your company name on it? We offer a wide selectin of face masks, from simple designs with just your company name on it to full graphic face masks with your choice of words.

While face masks may not be what you anticipated giving away, if it’s what’s trending and what people not only want to wear, but need to wear in many cases, it’s a great trend to jump on right now.

The same approach applies to hand sanitizer. Not that no one used it before, but it’s in a much higher demand today than ever before. While it may take longer to get hand sanitizer in right now, it’s definitely a great giveaway especially since it’s hard to find in regular stores right now. Because most people will have hand sanitizer out often, it’s a great marketing tool for your company and certainly a way to bring attention to your booth. 

Finding the Right Trade Show Giveaways

Think outside of the box when choosing your trade show giveaways. Think of things that your audience needs and will use. Are you looking for novelty items that they’ll use right at the show and may or may not use afterward or do you want a product they’ll use long-term?

Are you looking for a product that your audience will use in front of others, getting the word out without you lifting a finger? Look for useful items – items you know they’ll use often, like flashlights, tote bags, or even fidget spinners.

Dig in and see what your target audience loves. Sometimes it’s obvious and a no-brainer and other times it takes a little extra time. Do you want a product that everyone else gives away or do you want something that’s unique and sets you apart?

It all comes down to personal preference. If you’d love help choosing the perfect trade show giveaway for your audience, let us help you – we are here to ensure your 100% satisfaction. We look forward to helping you create the perfect giveaway that brings in the audience and offers the advertising you need.

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