The Top Ways to Use Promotional Flip Flops

Promotional flip-flops are a great gift for businesses and personal gifts too. Whether you have a big corporate gathering, you want a free gift for your clients, or you are hosting a large party, such as a wedding, flip-flops are something everyone can use.

We love how fun flip-flops are for guests. They aren’t another pen, ball, or t-shirt. Everyone wears flip-flops even if just around the house. They are useful, fun, and creative!

Check out the many ways you can use flip-flops for your marketing, favors, or just for fun!

Free Gift with Purchase

As a business owner, marketing is a never-ending job. You need ways to bring in more business and/or create brand loyalty. While customer service and top-quality products go a long way, so do free gifts. We all remember the businesses that give us something, even if it’s something small, right?

Why not make it something fun, like flip-flops?

So which businesses benefit from giving away flip-flops? Honestly, any business can, but here are a few of the most popular:

  • Nail salons – All nail salons use flip flops, but if you want to encourage clients to purchase a more expensive pedicure, offer a free pair of quality flip flops with purchase. Your clients will receive a branded pair of flip-flops that they’ll likely wear elsewhere, which provides you with more marketing potential.
  • Hotels – Flip flops make a great gift for large gatherings at hotels, such as conferences, seminars, or as a ‘girls getaway package.’ Create packages with flip-flops as a part of the gift. Your guests will likely wear them again, offering more branding for your hotel.
  • Swimsuit shops – Swimsuit shops are a natural for free flip flops with purchase. Set a specific dollar amount and let your shoppers earn free flip-flops with their swimsuits. Most people wear flip-flops all summer long, so they’re bound to do more marketing for you throughout the summer.
  • Clothing stores – Use flip-flops as a free giveaway with a specific dollar amount of a summer clothes purchase or as an incentive to sell a specific brand or even one item. Shoppers love free gifts, so it brings attention to that item which may result in a sale now or at least bring more awareness to it and increase future sales.
  • Sporting events – Are you having raffles at your sporting events or trying to get people involved in contests? Flip flops make a great giveaway. You can brand them with the team’s name, or have them sponsored by another company involved in the event for some free marketing.
  • Travel agents – Are you trying to drum up more business after the pandemic slowed things down? Free gifts go a long way, even if it’s a token item. Consider branding flip-flops for your current clients or anyone that books a new trip with you.

Party Favors

Flip flops are a popular party favor for many parties. Have a little fun and personalize flip flops for your event, such as:

  • Weddings – Who hasn’t been to a wedding only to wish they’d brought different shoes? Women experience this almost every time they attend a wedding. What better way to thank your guests for coming than with flip-flops when they attend your reception? Personalize them with your new married name and have a little fun!
  • Birthday parties – Are you having a big birthday party? Maybe a Sweet 16, 40th birthday party, or any other big milestone? Flip flops make a great ‘thank you for coming gift’. Personalize them with the guest of honor’s name and reason for the celebration for a personal favor that everyone is bound to use.
  • Large picnics – Are you having a big picnic? Family reunions, birthdays, and company picnics are just a few reasons people love to get together in the great outdoors. Flip flops make a great party favor that many guests will wear right then and there. Is your picnic near the beach or a pool? Flip flops fit in with the theme.

Kids Events and School

Kids love personalized gifts, especially gifts with humor. Rather than funny t-shirts, why not give away personalized flip-flops? They are great for just about any event or institution including:

  • Schools – Make school spirit day even more fun with personalized flip-flops. The kids will love having their school name and mascot on their flip-flops that match their school t-shirts. It’s something they can wear repeatedly, especially throughout the summer. Kids love to show off their school pride – let them do it uniquely.
  • Camps – Kids at camps get wet, muddy, and dirty. Having an extra pair of flip-flops in their backpacks helps keep them comfortable. Brand the flip flops to match their camp T-shirt. Not only do they help the kids in a time of need, but they also give you more advertising power bringing more awareness to your camp.
  • Sports teams – Are you in charge of a child’s sports team? Are you looking for unique ways to raise money? Sell branded flip-flops? These are just for the kids. Parents will love them too. How many moms and dads do you see wearing team t-shirts and hats? Take it a step further with flip-flops and add to the fun!

Trade Shows

Flip flops make a great giveaway at tradeshows too. If you want to stand out from the crowd, flip-flops do the trick. Even if you don’t want to give a pair out to everyone, have a spinner at your table, with flip-flops as a prize. Attendees love spinners, which brings more attention to your table.

Use the time you have your audience to talk about your products and create more awareness. Use flip-flops as one of the ‘big prizes’ and bring more people to your tent. It’s a great marketing tactic, especially when other attendees see people walking around with flip-flops. They’ll see your tent out, wanting to know more.

Bottom Line

Flip flops are great for business and personal use. They bring more brand awareness and help individuals celebrate their day in a big way. Recipients love them, whether they’re branded with a company’s name or personalized for a special event, like a wedding or birthday.

Everyone loves memories and flip-flops provide just that. They remind guests where they were when they received the flip-flops. If they are for a business, they bring your business to the forefront of their mind, which may result in future sales. If they are a gift from a special event, they bring more memories of the special day – something everyone loves.

Get your personalized flip-flops for your business or personal use and impress your guests. We are happy to help you with the design and color choices. We offer a large selection of strap choices, making it easy to personalize your flip flops to your theme.

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