The Trend of Minimalism – Understating Your Logo on Promotional Items

The Trend of Minimalism for Promotional ProductsPromotional products have become staples in marketing plans for small, medium, and large companies. That’s because they work. They are tangible marketing pieces which are¬†reused often, reminding the recipients¬†about the advertising business.

Past trends were to plaster your company logo loud and proud on the front of products so your business is boldly seen by not only the person using that item, but also everyone around them.

While that strategy can be effective when utilized properly, there is a new trend.

Minimalism May Be Better

The new approach utilizes higher quality promotional items along with an understated company logo.

For example, if you give people a good quality handbag, shirt, or other useful item, they are much more apt to carry it around, wear it, and use it if the advertising company logo is not audaciously printed on the items.

Think retail. With most brands, consumers are more than willing to wear branded clothing or carry branded merchandise. The retail brand logo is present, but it typically doesn’t overshadow the product itself.

An example of a promotional denim pencil pouch with understated branding is pictured above with understated branding. There is no branding on the outside. However, the inside is fully branded to remind that person about your company. This subtle technique still gets your message across. It also increases the chances that person will actually use that promotional item frequently. Frequency of use is a big determining factor for return on your investment (ROI). The more they use the item, the more often they think of your company. If your promotional items aren’t mobile billboards for your logo, you can bet people will be more apt to use those products.

Even if your clients absolutely LOVE doing business with your company, they don’t necessarily want to consistently be advertising for your company. They will appreciate the understated company branding. They will use the products with minimal branding. They will receive your message in a stronger way. And they WILL remember you.

Promotional Bags With Retail Look and Feel

Promotional Products with Branding on the Inside
No branding is visible on the outside of these promotional bags giving them an upscale, retail look. But don’t fear, the inside is branded with your logo!
Branded inside liner on promotional bags
The inside of these promotional tote bags are branded with your logo in a step-and-repeat pattern.

The next time you are ready to buy tumblers, custom bags, or other premium promotional items, think about how a minimalist approach to your branding may actually be better than your bold and brazen logo overpowering the marketing pieces.

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