The Ultimate List of Holiday Party Promotional Products

Holiday party promotional products

Every year, planning the company holiday party is a huge task for many around the nation. This year, we are making it a little bit easier with our holiday party promotional products list.

The Invites

Creative invitations are a great way to increase the participation in your holiday parties. Don’t just send the same e-invitation that you send for a meeting! Send something that will explain how much you look forward to seeing them. These fun additions to a paper invite make sure that your invites don’t get overlooked and thrown out.

We suggest these easy-to-ship Christmas ornament options. With the ability to print full-color acrylic ornaments, you can show the fun theme of your party. With die-cast ornaments, your sophistication will show and emphasize the elegance to expect at the event. For a rustic, casual event, wooden ornaments are a great invite item.

The Drinkware

For a casual party, these plastic cup options are great for serving attendees and for a souvenir. For a more formal party, branded champagne flutes are a fantastic favor and add to the elegance of your party. Serving sodas and beer in cans means can coolers are the perfect promotional item for your party!

The Apparel

Not looking for the formal party attire? Or maybe you are out of fun themes for the annual event? Printing fun shirts for the annual event is a great party favor and themed outfit in one!

Even if you are looking for a formal attire party, your staff will need dedicated attire for the event. Your managerial staff running the event will need company branded professional attire. Additionally, your wait staff will need attire that is appropriate for your event. Check out our restaurant promotional attire options for your staff.

Party Favors

Sadly, at some time, every good party comes to an end. And at that time, your attendees will look forward to great holiday party favors. Some of our favorite holiday party promotional products are:

  • Snow globes are a great favor for guests to remember the party for years to come, especially if your party is hosted at a special location this year.
  • Branded stockings are a great favor to choose when your event offers other goodies for them to take home. The stocking becomes a bag for the day, such as a trade show event.
  • Christmas ornaments are always a keepsake for years. Turn these favors into an annual tradition, and your community will begin to look forward to them year after year.

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