The Ultimate Way to Connect with Clients: Giving Them Custom Beach Towels and Chairs

With the beach being the number one vacation destination, most resorts or restaurants view this as a unique opportunity to advertise and market their brands with products like custom beach towels and beach chairs.

Since your company is always looking for the most cost-effective solutions, harnessing the power of promotional products to increase your brand recognition has become imperative.

Gifts have proved to be a great way to establish and maintain a good relationship between businesses and customers. So, for those looking for the best promotional products to use on the beach, try beach towels and chairs.

Using Beach Towels as Promotional Products

As a company, you might have given your customers a fair share of key chains, coffee mugs, and pens when marketing your brand or products. And while we love all these items, make sure your customers know you understand what they really need this season.

If you own a beach resort or restaurant, it is time to change your tactics and try out new promotional products such as custom beach towels.

When choosing what items to use for marketing your business, the first impression matters the most. And since beach towels make a strong first impression, they are the best products to help market your brand.

Beach towels make outstanding promotional products because anyone can use them.  And besides the beach, they can also be used at home or in the gym.

Additionally, towels have a large surface area where businesses can imprint their logo, product photos, or company name. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of towel types ranging from the light-weight towels to the most luxurious heavy-weight towels.

Whenever the towels are used in public, they help promote your business in a way you could not have imagined.

Why You Should Use Beach Towels to Promote Your Business

Outstanding returns on investment

Beach towels are not as cheap as promotional items such as mugs and pens. However, they have a great return on investment. Research shows that clients and consumers are more likely to engage with organizations that reward customers with valuable and high-end promotional products. Showing you know your clients and appreciate them is the best way to make sure that you keep their business.

They stand out from the rest

Custom beach towels are not your everyday marketing products; they are unique and hence are sure to turn a few heads when they are used in public.

Using quality products creates a particular perception about your business

Customers take your company more seriously if they see that you are willing to invest in top-quality promotional items.

They are durable

Custom beach towels are highly durable and will last a couple of years before they are replaced. Therefore, they provide your brand with a kind of publicity that is hard to match. Certainly, no billboard would last that long for that cost!

Using Beach Chairs as Promotional Items

Other items that make moments on the beach exciting are beach chairs. When individuals visit the beach, they feel more comfortable reclining on the chairs and sipping some refreshments. As a bussing resort or restaurant, you can take advantage of this by providing your customers with company-branded chairs. Create an opportunity for customers to rest on chairs that are printed with your company logo or your company colors.

As people walk the beach, they will see your logo on these chairs and may come into your restaurant or bar for a break from the heat!

If you are in search of a promotional product that will help market your company or brand outdoors, you can never go wrong with beach chairs. However, remember that you need chairs that display true artistry, intense colors, and a vividly-clear logo for your promotional efforts to bear any fruits.

How You Can Use Beach Chairs to Promote Your Business

Send them as a token of appreciation to customers

There is no better way to show your clients that you value them than providing them with a beach chair. While promotional codes, coupons, and gift cards are exceptional items to gift customers, there is a higher chance that customers would appreciate more if they received something that offers practical help.  Beach chairs are unique and undoubtedly memorable gifts that can sell your brand and provide unparalleled beachfront comfort.

Host a tailgate party

A tailgate party is an excellent way to show appreciation for your employees and connect with your community. And since those in attendance need to relax, you should bring out portable seating options that are branded with your company’s logo, name, or contact information. This will ensure that attendees or passersby will remember your brand long after.

Provide seating for an outdoor concert

If you learn of an outdoor event happening at the beach, you can jump in and ask the hosts to let you provide the seating. Branded beach chairs will come in handy in improving your brand awareness. When you attend a beach event and pull out branded chairs, you will make a strong statement that will be hard to forget.

Do a beach chair giveaway

If you’re looking to increase your online followers, you can create a contest where winners will get the chance to take home customized beach chair that bears your company logo and name.  You can ask followers to tag at least four people and include a caveat that those who repost the content on their social media platforms will be awarded extra points.

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