There’s no such thing as Children’s Food

No such thing as Food for ChildrenWhen you think of food for children, what foods come to mind? Aside from foods specifically for infants, here are just a few of the top foods that come to mind for me.

  • Pop-Tarts
  • Popsicles
  • Fruit Chew Snacks
  • Sugary Cereals such as Frosted Flakes or Fruit Loops.
  • Moon Pies

Personally, I don’t refer to these as foods; I refer to them as JUNK.

Sure, some adults do eat these snacks (junk food); however, these are mostly targeted for kids. There’s nothing about these foods that make them “kids” food. Kids aren’t some type of subspecies that require food that is different than adults.

So why do we automatically think foods such as these are for children?

It’s called marketing.

Marketers have targeted children for these foods and have brainwashed our society into thinking these foods are primarily for kids. Their specific approach of targeting their marketing toward children has made their products successful.

Are you properly marketing your brand?

Just as companies have marketed their brands to target children, you can market your product or service to target specific types of clients. The world is too big and too cluttered with media coming from all directions to take a general approach to marketing.

Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, a general approach can be taken. However, most companies that we service have a set budget. Therefore, a targeted approach is needed to reach those clients that meet certain criteria for the given product or service.

You wouldn’t want to market a nightclub foam party to residents of a nursing home or switchblades to elementary children; however, if you take a general approach with your marketing without targeting, you are doing just that…marketing to the wrong people and wasting money.

Start targeting your marketing now and get a better ROO.

ROO – Return on Objective. Simply defined as what do you want from your marketing? Do you want to capture an email? Do you want a phone call? Do you want an online order? Do you want a meeting?

Your marketing campaigns should be measurable. You should know how much revenue or how many objectives are being met. Without this vital information, you could be wasting much of your marketing budget.

So what are you waiting for? Start targeting and run better marketing campaigns!

Call us today and together we will reach the right clients for your business using promotional products as the primary medium.

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