Thrifty Thursday – Vinyl Mini Footballs

Thrifty Thursday - Vinyl Mini Footballs - Mini Sports Balls

Vinyl Mini Footballs

The start of football season is just a few short months away. Soon, high football stadiums around the country will fill up on Friday nights with thousands of potential new customers for your business. Sponsoring your local area high schools with mini football giveaways is a great way to get your name into the crowd. By coupling your marketing effort with the passion of the fans (football), your efforts will go much further! These mini footballs are great, low-cost football spirit items that can be printed with your company logo and donated to the cheerleaders to throw into the crowd after touchdowns and big plays!

Vinyl Mini Footballs

Vinyl Mini Football Features

  • Made of soft vinyl so they won’t hurt anyone when thrown into the crowd.
  • Imprint area is larger than for most plastic mini footballs (2″ W x 1.5″ H)
  • 17 popular colors, including neon colors!
  • Stripes can be added for an additional $0.30 per football, with several stock stripe patterns such as paw prints, tire treads, stars, awareness ribbons, a solid stripes.
  • Produced in only 5-7 days.
  • Rush production as quickly as 48 hours.
  • Athletic valve so footballs can be re-inflated once they lose air over time.
  • Approximately 7″ measured around the arc of the football (about 5 1/2″ measured straight across).

Ideas for Mini Footballs

  • Include a coupon if they bring the football back to your store.
  • Include a call to action (CTA) such as visiting a certain webpage.
  • Promote a new service or product.
  • Advertise for an upcoming event, such as a fundraiser, 5K run, festival, etc.
  • Include a call to action by offering a free gift if they bring this football to you. You can then have other promotional products for them to choose from while you talk to them about your services.
  • Co-brand the footballs with related, but non-competing companies so you can split the marketing costs. Often some of your larger vendors will offer co-op money to do this.

Suggested Thrifty Thursday - Vinyl Mini Footballs

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