As we approach the final days to the Super Bowl, there is much anticipation about the performance of “your team.” Which team will prevail? Will it be a blowout? Or will be an evenly matched game keeping you on the edge of your seats?

In either case, you can be certain the fans present at the stadium will bring their team spirit. They will don their team apparel to include hats, jerseys, and shirts. Some of the fanatical fans will be covered in face paint or body paint.

Almost all of the fans present will have their spirit items to include pom poms, thundersticks, stadium seat cushions, and other stadium noisemakers.

Likely the fan favorite stadium noisemakers of modern times is a pair of thundersticks. These simple, inflatable sticks are banged together to make a loud noise while cheering on your favorite team or trying to rattle the concentration of the opponent. When you combine thousands of fans banging thundersticks together at the same time, the decibel level is unbelievably high. It’s no wonder that fans love these spirit noisemakers so much and why opposing teams despise thundersticks.

Thundersticks are one of the best selling spirit items at football games. Because of their low price point coupled with their ability to make a loud noise, they are fan favorites. They include a HUGE area to be printed with your team name and mascot. Be sure your mech table is stocked with plenty of thundersticks!

An Alternative Use For Thundersticks

There is a frequently overlooked use for thundersticks that has absolutely nothing to do with football or any type of sport. While that use is for team-building, it’s not for a sports team, but for a company team. More and more businesses have come to the realization that businesses MUST have a team approach to be successful and sustain growth. No longer does a business work well with “superstars” who don’t “play well” with the rest of the team.

Thundersticks have become a popular tool to use at sales meetings, conferences, and seminars to get people excited for their team. They are used as an exercise to get the team pumped up at the start of their meetings. The banging together of the thundersticks and the loud noises and cheering help get the blood going and create enthusiasm and excitement.

Check out the photo below sent by one of our clients who used their thundersticks for this exact purpose! Their employees and attendees loved it and these items set the mood for an energetic learning and team building experience!

Thundersticks Used at a Sales Meeting

In this photo, thundersticks were used at a sales meeting to generate more energy!