Football season is near and that means it won’t be long until you hear the booming from stadium noisemakers at your local and collegiate football games. Among the most popular noisemakers are thundersticks, the air-filled tubes that you bang together to make a thundering boom!

Thundersticks may be the world’s most popular noisemaker at sports stadiums, however, they are also great for other events for which cheering is encouraged.

Events such as political rallies, large celebrations, televised events, and protest events are perfect environments for branded thundersticks. These inflatable sticks when banged together to make a booming noise to cheer or protest your cause.

Thundersticks have an incredibly large imprint area to print your logo and advertise your brand. If an event is televised, the large imprint area is great for viewers to easily make out on their TV screen, giving your company lots of marketing exposure.

Since these noisemakers are made of vinyl, they are soft and won’t cause injuries during crowded events. This makes them a safe choice is children are involved so they won’t accidentally “on-purpose” hit someone and cause injury.

Political events are great for thundersticks since the candidates want to stir up excitement with the crowd. By getting a crowd excited and cheering, the candidate is strengthening his odds that they will get their vote since there is now a positive emotional experience connecting them to those people.

Alternatively, you can give out just one stick to each person to be used a rally stick to shake around as they cheer. If your event is a night event, the LED thundersticks are a fun choice to get the crowd waving their sticks and lighting up your logo.

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