Top 10 Most Annoying Items People Bring to the Beach

Top 10 Most Annoying Items People Bring to the Beach

The beach is a sacred place. It’s a place where you go when you are stressed out and leave with a fresh, new perspective. Saltwater therapy, it’s called. People go there to rest and relax.

Fill your beach tote bags with all the things that make your beach trip pleasurable. However, don’t ruin the experience for others due to your selfish behaviors. Think about how your behaviors and activities will affect others around you. A little respect makes the beach a much better place for everyone.

10. Footballs or Frisbees to Use at a Crowded Beach

Footballs and Frisbees

I’m definitely not against having footballs or frisbees at the beach. In fact, I love physical activity on the beach. Whether it be running, throwing a ball, or playing volleyball, this activity is often a precursor to my beach nap!

My point is, choose an area of the beach that is not so crowded so your football or frisbee isn’t hitting other people. There’s usually plenty of beach area with a thinner crowd for you to play.

9. Your Beach Towel so you shake off the sand while it blows in the faces of everyone around you.

Custom Beach Towels

I encourage you to bring your favorite promotional beach towel to the beach. Maybe it has a design of your favorite Disney character or possibly you received one of our premium Perfect Imprints beach towels we gave out a few years ago. What I am begging that you stop doing is shaking out your towel in the wind. The sand you flip into the air travels through the breeze and it will go directly into the faces of everyone around you.

8. A shovel to dig holes and not fill them in so people fall in and break their ankles.

Shovel for the Beach

I’m a local and I, too, like to dig in the sand sometimes. But there’s one thing I always do and you should too: FILL IN THE HOLES YOU DIG!

For those walking and running down the beach, they are admiring the beauty of the water and not looking for holes you left in the sand. Fill them in and no one will get hurt.

7. Fishing gear so you can have hooks in the water where everyone is swimming.

Fishing on the Beach

I love fishing as much as the next guy, however, a little respect with where and how you are fishing would be much appreciated. There’s nothing worse than getting clotheslined by a fishing line from someone fishing from the beach. Additionally, having hooks in the water where others are swimming is definitely not cool.

Don’t fish from the shorelines of popular beach accesses. The public beach accesses are rare enough these days. Please find other locations down the beach which are more secluded for your fishing. Besides, you’ll have less people in the water scaring away the fish.

6. Tents so you can set up in front of others and block their view of the beach.

Beach Tents and Umbrellas

The way I see it is tents and umbrellas at the beach are a first-come-first-serve type of deal. As long as you set up in a location where you are not blocking others, no foul has been made. However, don’t set your large gear up in front of others and block their view. Be courteous.

5. Full carton of cigarettes so you can chain smoke the entire time you are at the beach and throw your butts into the sand.

Smoking at the beach

Here’s the plain and simple truth. Smoking is nasty. It stinks. It’s annoying to those around you. But, if you’re a smoker, you already know that. Chances are you don’t care. If you are smoking at the beach, at least have the courtesy to not throw your cigarette butts into the sand or water. Put them in a drink can or bottle, then dispose of it in a trash can. All public beach access have trash cans. Please use them.

4. Bluetooth speaker so you can play loud, really bad music

Bluetooth speaker at the beach

What’s your least favorite music? Well, chances are, that’s what will be blaring from this beachgoer’s Bluetooth speaker. You may love your “music” filled with profanity and vulgar subjects, but I don’t want to ear it and I certainly don’t want my children hearing it. I love to listen to music at the beach, but please keep your volume down to a respectable level. Or, even better, use earbuds or headphones.

3. Old bread so you can feed the seagulls.

Feeding the sea gulls at the beach

We’ve all seen it before. You go to the beach and someone decides to bring their old bread from home and feed the seagulls. The birds seem to multiply instantly until there are hundreds of them swarming the area. Bombs are falling from the air. I don’t know about you, but I’m the type that likes to catch a nap on the beach. I don’t want to be asleep with my mouth open with a flock of rabid birds above me.

Not only is feeding the birds annoying to others, but it’s bad for the birds. The food you are feeding them is bad for them and it teaches them to rely more on humans rather than eating fish and insects which they need for a healthy diet. Stop feeding the gulls!

2. Excess alcohol so you can get obnoxiously drunk and loud.

Excess alcohol at the beach

We see it more often around Spring Break, but it also happens throughout the beach season. A group of friends get together on the beach and get smashed. They drink so much alcohol and they get louder and more obnoxious by the minute. It’s fine to have a few drinks and unwind but control yourself. Don’t disrupt everyone else’s beach zen.

1. Your phone so you can argue with your mother the whole time.

Phone at the beach

Your phone at the beach is handy to take photos of the beautiful scenery. However, your loud phone conversations don’t belong. We don’t want to hear you arguing with your mother, your spouse, or your kids. Take it to your car or somewhere private. People go to the beach to escape the drama and they damn sure don’t want to hear your drama.

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