Top 10 Promotional Products Trends for 2019-2020

With each new year, trends come and go, while some seem to linger on for several years. This is true for both retail and the promotional products industry.

At the beginning of each year, Perfect Imprints sends a team to the largest industry trade shows to scout out new products and the hottest trends. This year, The ASI Show in Orlando was our first trade show held from January 3-5, 2-19.  With over 500 manufacturers exhibiting, it was our first look at the newest trends and cool new promotional items available to promote your business! We also attended the world’s largest promotional products trade show in Las Vegas from January 13-17, 2019 which boasted over 1200 exhibitors!

We want you to have up-to-date with the latest promotional product trends so you can buy in early, ahead of your competitors. Staying with current trends helps to ensure you are giving away products that people actually want!

Top 10 Trends for 2019

Below you’ll find the top 10 trends we noticed, with many of the trends paralleling with retail trends. These 10 trending promos will give you a leg up over your competition, keeping you more relevant in the tough world of marketing your business.


Custom Paper Straws - Silicone Straws - Stainless Steel Straws

Straws are among the biggest selling promos right now thanks to this fast-growing trend started by the city of Seattle when they banned plastic straws. D.C. quickly followed and also banned plastic straws. Now, many cities and corporations are working toward eliminating plastic straws due to the negative impact on our environment.

This led to the explosion of the paper straws, stainless steel straws, and silicon straws. These promotional straws are great for branding since straws have become a hot topic of discussion. This gets lots of attention for your brand.

Choose from reusable branded straws such as the silicone straws or the premium stainless steel straws. You can opt for the straight stainless steel straws, the bent stainless steel straws, or the convenient foldable stainless steel straws which all can be branded with your logo. For restaurants, the custom paper straws are the best bet since the price point is so low allowing you to still be profitable when selling drinks.

Your company doesn’t have to wait for legislation to help protect our environment. By voluntarily eliminating plastic straws from your business, you’ll show the world that you care, thereby, created a loyal customer base who appreciates your stance.

Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Paper straws aren’t the only eco-friendly promotional items that are hot; they just happen to be at the forefront of the news due to recent bans on plastic straws. Many other promotional items are focused on being made with recycled and renewable materials making them eco-friendly.

These are great purchases to show your customer base that your company is serious about protecting our environment. Among our favorite new eco-friendly products this year are the Washable Kraft Paper Bags. These heavy-duty paper bags are reusable many times and can be washed to remove any type of dirt or bacteria from inside or outside the bags while leaving your branding intact on the side of the bags.

Marble Pattern

Marble Pattern Promotional Products

Marble pattern is beginning to show up everywhere in retail products such as phone cases, handbags, and even watch bands for your Apple Watch.

The marble pattern is also trending within the promotional products world with items such as journals, bags, pens, water bottles, tumblers, phone wallets and more!

You can see all of the marble pattern promotional items here.


Cork Promotional Products

Cork is hot right now! Whether you go with a product made completely from cork or you opt for one with cork accents, these are extremely popular!

A major benefit of cork is that it is extremely eco-friendly. Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, meaning you don’t have to chop down the trees to harvest it. Since the bark grows back quickly, there is little to no negative impact on the environment! You are supporting eco-friendly practices while at the same time promoting your brand.

Some of the most popular cork promos include tote bags, coffee mugs, tumblers, journals, and even hats!

Check out all of the cork promotional products to find your favorite!


Custom Stickers

Stickers have been hot for some time yet, especially with the younger decorations. From decorating school binders to stainless steel water bottles and laptops, stickers representing a favorite brand, organizations, funny sayings are more popular than ever.

Now it’s easier than ever than get stickers to promote your brand, with the most popular being die-cut stickers which are cut to a unique shape. Contact us today for pricing for your full-color custom stickers.

Wireless Phone Chargers

Custom Wireless Phone Chargers

Wireless phone chargers (also known as Qi Chargers) are phone chargers that charge your phone by simply laying your phone on top of the charging pad. The base unit does have to plug into a power source, but no wire is required between the charger and your phone. The allows you to pick up your phone as needed without a detaching a charging cable.

Why are wireless phone chargers so hot? Well, every major phone released within the last few years have been Qi-ready.

This technology is not new though. Rechargeable toothbrushes (from Oral-B) have been using this type of charging capability since the early 1990s. Also, Wii remotes used this same type of inductive charging with their charging stations. It has only become a new standard with mobile phones within the last few years.

Wireless charging is convenient because you can easily begin charging your phone by setting it on the pad, but it is slower than a corded method (by about 15%). However, if charging overnight or if you just want to top off your phone battery, wireless phone chargers are awesome!

Our favorite wireless charger is the Boltron Wireless Charging Pad because it allows 3 devices to charge wireless at the same time and 2 additional devices can be charged by USB cables. Additionally, the top surface is printed in full-color (did we mention the minimum quantity to order is only one)? See all of our wireless chargers here.


Leather Promotional Items

When shopping for custom decorated leather goods, you’ll find plenty of knockoff varieties. Whether they call them “leather-like,” “faux leather,” “vegan leather,” “PU leather,” or whatever dressed up term used, nothing compares to genuine leather.

Leather goods have become very popular due to the demand by consumers for durable and high-quality goods. Leather looks better with age, which can’t be said by any other material.

Items such as key straps, koozies, luggage tags, and cord organizers are among some of the popular leather items which are most affordable. As budget allows, other popular leather items priced in the mid-range include wallets, passport holders, and journals. When budget isn’t a big factory for those premium corporate gifts, leather bags are the most popular items to woo your gift recipients.

Campfire Mugs

Custom Campfire Mugs

Campfire mugs have been popular for the past year and continue to be a hot item. In fact, most manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up with demands. Many new suppliers are offering campfire mugs for 2019 which should help offset the inventory issues from last year.

Whether you are hosting an indoor or out, these retro mugs offer a feeling of nostalgia for many making these great giveaways for your brand.

You can see all of the campfire mugs here.

Canvas Backpacks

Custom Canvas Bags and Backpacks

Canvas backpacks are wildly popular. I’m not talking about the cheap variety. I’m referring to high-quality canvas backpacks with a branded leather patch or metal nameplate.

If you are carrying around a bag with your laptop and books inside, you might as well carry them in style.

Check out the incredible backpack options here.

Sherpa Jackets & Vests

Custom Sherpa Jackets, Vests, and Pullovers

Sherpa jackets and vests are in practically every retail store there is. Their popularity has grown tremendously this year, and the trend will most likely carry into the Winter season for the end of the year as well.

Whether you choose a zip-up jacket, pullover, or vest, you’ll be giving out fashionable wearables for this year.

Check out the sherpa jackets options here.

Other Hot Items

There are quite a few promotional items that are still hot from last year. Items such as custom sock and any type of stainless steel drinkware are blazing hot still. These are items which will become staples, so we don’t feel like they are just a trend anymore.

You can shop all of our custom socks here and our vacuum insulated stainless steel tumblers here. For vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle, click here.

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