While growlers haven’t always been a trend, COVID-19 certainly made it cool (or at least required) to be take-out friendly. Now all of our bar and brewery customers are asking: what branded growlers should I offer my customers? 

Well, let us help you out! No matter what you’re looking for- we can find the growler for you! 

40oz Easton Stainless Steel Growler

This stainless steel growler is a perfect option for customers who want a smaller-than-normal growler. If your client base would likely not order a whole growler normally, consider offering this smaller option.

This growler has inner and outer stainless steel walls, making it well insulated for hot or cold beverages. It has a screw on, self-attached and spill resistant lid with an easy-carry handle. This growler is the perfect design for a takeout order! 

You can order this growler in black, silver or white. These color options are done in powder coating. The imprint can either be a smaller logo on one side, or it can be a wrap around the bottle. 

This option is BPA free and FDA Approved, but it requires hand washing. 

64oz Stainless Steel Growler

This growler is THE growler. Large enough for the loyal customer, this growler can keep drinks cold for hours. The inner and outer stainless steel walls keep drinks hot or cold, no matter the temperature outside. 

This growler is also sweat resistant, making sure it holds up no matter where your customers need to take it to.

The top of this growler self-attaches, making sure that all the pieces stay together for easy re-use.

This growler comes in matte black and stainless and has one large imprint area on the side. 

Again, the stainless steel is BPA free, but must be hand washed. 

64oz Clear Glass Growler

Oh, the old classic- a clear glass growler. This reusable glass growler has a removable top for easy cleaning. You can machine wash it too. 

This glass growler is also sure to not alter the taste of your craft beer, making it a safe choice.

The large imprint area makes this a great option for any bar or brewery. And, if you want to upgrade the look of your branded growler- you can purchase metal lids.

Buying The Right Branded Growlers For You

All of these growler options are great, but which one should you choose? That all depends on your customers! 

Not sure which one to go with? 

Start with a smaller quantity of all 3 and let us know when you start to run low! 

Looking to place that initial order? Contact us today for assistance.