Top 3 Promotional Jackets Your Company Needs This Winter

Trending promotional jackets your company needs for winter

The most wonderful time of year is here! That’s right, Q4 is well underway and it’s critical your company capitalizes on the market’s spending spree. What do consumers love more than seasonal coffee? Promotional products! According to a PPAI 2019 study, 96% of consumers want to know ahead of time when companies offer promotional products, and nearly 10 out of 10 are willing to go out of their way to get a promotional product. Acting now presents a perfect opportunity for companies to promote their winter/ holiday season products. 

According to the same study done by PPAI, the number one promotional product consumers prefer to receive are wearables. What better item than fall fashion, the peppermint lattes of wearables, the most versatile winter apparel to exist: jackets. Level up your jackets with a custom screen print or high-quality embroidery by Perfect Imprints. Your Q4 company sales may just depend on it. 

The Classic Fleece Jacket 

Everyone owns at least one fleece jacket. Why? Perhaps it is because it is the most versatile. The classic jacket is available in two versions: a lightweight or a thick material. Fleece jackets can brave through a chilly 50 degrees or a winter storm, and they can be left as is or layered under thicker material. It serves as the perfect 9 to 5 employee’s go-to and as your company’s fashionable promotional product. Perfect Imprints has a wide array of classic fleece jackets starting with the Port Authority microfleece available in men’s and ladies sizes. Coming in 4 colors this microfleece is the perfect lightweight jacket that delivers warmth without unnecessary bulk. Fully customizable, your company logo can be printed in 6 different places. 

Custom tip #1: Consider the direction of how people read: Left to right. For optimal placement, think of placing your company brand on the top left. 

A Modern Twist to a Classic 

One word. Athleisure. What is athleisure? Athleisure is a fashion trend where athletic apparel is worn in non-athletic settings. Athleisure wear became a fashion trend around 2010 and has become commonplace in the fashion industry. Athleisure is the standard casual, and it saw a rise in the last year. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, companies were forced to transition to remote work. With a large portion of office work happening at home, many opted to stay in their loungewear, sweats, leggings, and hoodies. The fashion industry saw a huge decline in sales last year, but athleisure wear exploded. To keep up with this evolving runway, Perfect Imprints has athleisure to get your company started. The sport-tek sport varsity fleece full-zip hooded jacket and the tech fleece colorblock full-zip hooded jacket are two essential products your company needs this season. The sport-wick is basic athleisure with a hint of classic fleece. It is equipped with moisture-wicking, anti-static sport-wick fleece, a perfect piece to complete anyone’s athleisure wear outfit. The tech fleece jacket is a slick two-tone modern design. It’s equipped with zippered media pockets, one on the left sleeve to store mobile devices and coil-zippered pockets for headphone exit ports. Customizable and modern both products are available at Perfect Imprints

The Rugged Work Jacket 

Carhartt. Be honest, that was the first brand that came to mind, wasn’t it? If so, it came to mind for a good reason. Carhartt has been the unofficial uniform of America’s laborers since 1889. An early pioneer, Carhartt started by producing overalls for railroad workers and has since expanded. Carhartt produced heavy-duty work apparel meant to withstand harsh conditions. Its early consumers were mainly manual laborers, from farmers to construction workers. However, in the late 1980s, Carhartt made itself prominent with an unlikely consumer group–the fashion market. The hip-hop community adopted and cemented the workwear apparel into the fashion market. This shift was a massive expansion for the brand because it made Carhartt trendy. In 2019, Carhartt reported a $1 billion revenue and has been worn by celebrities including Kanye West, Bella Hadid, and Drake. 

A brand with a massive market, Carhartt is the perfect promotional statement your company can make this season. Perfect Imprints have the tools your company needs to make that happen. Fully customizable, PI currently offers the following Carhartt products in regular and tall sizes: 

Custom tip #2: Use printing methods that show logos best. There are two methods of printing on fabric: screen printing or embroidery. Consider which method would show your company logo the best. 

The Future: The Great-Outdoors Trend

The great outdoors became the new fashion frontier. Outdoors and fashion sound to be oxymorons, but that is what the runaway is evolving into. The Fall Winter 21/22 Paris Fashion Week is a pinnacle event in the fashion world. It highlights the latest trends and sets new ones. Among the glitz and glamor was a strong presence of outdoor brands. The cause for this emerging trend? A global pandemic. Throughout this pandemic, influencers and trendsetters retreated to nature to escape the emptiness of the city. By documenting their experience in nature, influencers and celebrities sparked a sudden appreciation of the Great Outdoors. In 2020, National parks saw a record-breaking attendance as families flocked to nature hubs. What could this mean for your company? With society emerging into new normalcy, appreciation of the outdoors means all the gear such as tents, jackets, hiking boots, and camping accessories are the new “it” products. Much like athleisure and Carhartt, the great outdoors has the potential to become prevalent in the fashion market. Your company needs to capitalize on this trend as it ignites. Perfect Imprints has many different outdoor products like the North Face Ascendent Insulated jacket or the North Face ThermoBall eco hooded jacket to itch your customer’s nature bug. The North Face is a familiar product to most consumers. It is ionic apparel in the nature enthusiast market, and due to the great-outdoors trend, its demand has increased. Customize both North Face jackets with your company logo, and you are sure to attract our newly great outdoors enthusiast.

Custom tip #3: Consider the horizontal stacked lock-up layout for collaborative products. 

Let’s Get to Styling This Q4! 

Let Perfect Imprints help your company rock the winter runaway with high-quality promotional jackets this Q4! Print your logo or company brand on these top 3 classically trendy styles, and your sales are sure to heat up this winter! Contact Perfect Imprints today!

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