Top 5 Custom Calendars To Personalize Your Year

Top 5 Custom Calendars To Personalize Your Year

People may feel that calendars are outdated; why use them when everything is readily available on smartphones? Though it is correct, if you have employees who may need to use a calendar frequently, then going back and forth to mobile phones may be challenging. In such cases, a desk calendar comes to help. Not only for help, but calendars also look great as a desktop accessory. They are a great way to mark important dates and remember them. At Perfect Imprints, we can get you some unique and stylish custom calendars that can be gifted to your family, friends, colleagues, and employees with or without reason. So give them these beautiful customized calendars and see that big smile on their face. You can check for some great options by login into our website. 

What are the Top 5 Custom Calendars options to choose from?

When we think about calendars, suddenly, we are reminded of those small ones that you can quickly flip to change the months. Now, there are a lot of other varieties as well, and here are a few for your reference:

1. Black and White Contractor Memo Custom Calendars

It is a giant memo calendar that is being used in different industries. You can give these as a part of your giveaways to your clients. Get your company’s name, address, phone number, and any other vital information printed on it and customize it. Then, when your clients use it to hang them over their offices, it will be doing a free promotion stunt for you. 

The Custom Calendar will have one significant page for one month, and the remaining months will be right beneath for easy access. The customization will appear on the top, making it easily readable and transparent with your logo and other information.

2. Full-size Desk Planner

Desk planners look great when kept on your desk. It makes you look organized and focused on your work. These desk planners are prominent in size and have enough space on every date to add notes, reminders, and important information. Encourage your employees to keep important business information within reach by placing it on their workstations and taking note of it.

Offer them as promotion gifts, especially when moving to a managerial level where there is much to write. The planner can be customized with your company’s logo, name, address, phone number, and tagline.

3. Desk Custom Calendars with Mailing Envelope

The desk calendar comes with a mailing envelope you can send as a personalized note to your clients. Give these desk calendars with your company’s information imprinted on the top, and let your valuable clients always remember you. You can keep these compact-sized calendars in the office, study, living room, and other places. 

The Custom Calendar includes holidays mentioned and highlighted each month and Sundays marked in red. In addition, you can send these calendars by keeping special events for them to remember and attend for you as well.

4. Magnetic Custom Calendar (4″ x6″) w/holidays

Who would not love a different and stylish paperless calendar? Our magnetic calendars are great promotional giveaway products that your customers and clients can use on any magnetic surface, such as refrigerators. 

The magnetic Calendar has all 12 months printed side by side, with essential holidays mentioned at the bottom of the sheet. Below the holidays column, you may personalize the page by adding your company name and logo. These calendars look attractive wherever you stick them.

5. Pocket Planner with Custom Cover

They are affordable and straightforward pocket-planning calendars with the option of custom covers. You can customize the body with a nice picture and imprint your company’s name and other details. They are bonded and can be easily opened, flipped, and used. 

The Calendar will have all the essential holidays mentioned along with the dates, and Sundays will be marked in different colors for easy notice. space is also given to add notes at the end of each calendar month.

Showcase Your Schedule with Custom Calendars

Calendars are an excellent method to maintain your name in front of your clients and customers so they will never forget you and your business. There are many, and the list is not limited to the ones mentioned above. You can access various options with easy customization when you log in to our website. 

Don’t settle for a boring, generic calendar in 2023. Instead, choose Perfect Imprints’ custom calendar service and create a unique and meaningful way to stay organized and inspired all year. Order now and start personalizing your year!

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