Top 5 Food Gifts For 2021 Holidays

Holiday food gifts

It’s almost time for the holidays again, and we can’t wait! This season, with many employees working from home and celebrating holidays away from family, food gifts are a wonderful way to spread joy and provide something useful for your recipients.  

Check out our top 5 food gifts for 2021 below:

#5: The Secret is in the Sauce Set

This promotional sauce set is great for anyone, but especially for your busy employees who could use extra support in simplifying their evenings. The set includes 3 different BBQ sauces: Imperial IPA, Barrel Whiskey, and Smoked Bacon Molasses. This set is great for anyone since it can be stored or used immediately.

Promotional BBQ sauces are great because you can be an expert cook and need BBQ sauce, or maybe you just keep BBQ sauce in the fridge for your takeout. No matter which personality your customers are, they will certainly appreciate this set!

#4: Popcorn Tins

Popcorn tins come in a variety of sizes and flavors! Whether you’re going for a simple tin of butter popcorn or a large trio of various flavors, promotional popcorn is perfect to send your customers holiday joy. They always say the way to the heart is through the stomach, and we couldn’t agree more!

Make sure your customers realize how much you care by providing a happy snack for them and their families to enjoy during the holidays!

#3: Buddy Brew Coffee Gift Set

These sets include stainless steel mugs and 12 Oz Old Florida Roast Buddy Brew Coffee. The set also includes a mailer box of your choice, an insert card, and a crinkle filler. This set also allows you to customize the stickers on the box and crinkle filler.

These sets are great for drop shipping for a webinar event or handing out as an event favor for an in-person event. With a low minimum of 36, these are great for small conferences and training events or can be ordered in bulk for larger groups.

The best part of this food gift is the reusable mug! While many food gifts are consumable and have a limited life with your customers, this set offers unlimited customer impressions through the reusable mug.

#2: Chocolates

Chocolates are always a great go-to! Are you in outside sales and looking for the perfect drop-off item for the holidays? Or maybe you need an employee appreciation present for the December meeting? Either way, these large chocolate gift boxes are perfect!

You can choose between gold and silver packaging, and the minimum order quantity is only 25. The box includes a mix of chocolates, and the imprinted chocolate can be customized as you desire. You also can customize the shape of the surrounding chocolates to support your brand. This set offers so many unique branding options & allows you to share your mission in a clear, inventive way.  

#1: Travel Mug Gift Basket

This set is ideal for winter holidays and celebrations! Included in this set are 2 travel mugs, gourmet coffee and tea, 2 bags of hot chocolate, and a basket stuffed with crinkle paper. For crinkle paper and the travel mugs, you choose the color that best matches your branding.

With 2 travel mugs, this set is perfect for family gifts and employee appreciation. Your staff can keep one mug at work and take one home. Your employees and clients are sure to appreciate these deluxe baskets.

Finding the Promotional Food Gifts For You

In order to choose the right promotional food gifts for your occasion, be sure to consider storage. If you only have space to store gifts in a non-climate-controlled space, chocolate gifts are likely not the right choice. Ordering drop-shipping kits can be a better option for large groups or virtual events.

For inquiries about drop-shipping options, email or call us today.

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