Top 5 Promotional Products For The Next Chicago Construction Job

Top 5 Promotional Products For Your Next Chicago Construction Job

When you hear Chicago, what comes to mind? Is it “The Windy City,” The Cubs, Navy Pier, Michage Avenue? How about construction jobs? Some of you probably groan at the word, but just like any major metropolis, Chicago has its fair share of construction jobs. Primary developments have occurred in Chicago’s West Loop and Fulton Market, with over 58 current projects. Tackling this enormous project are the 23,860 construction laborers employed in the Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL, area. 

What can this mean for your business? Multiple construction jobs mean numerous opportunities for your business to be involved in the laborer industry. With a large workforce of 23,860 laborers, this is definitely an opportunity to construct. How can your business tap into this field? Simple. Promotional products for the next Chicago construction job by Perfect Imprints. 

Take note that this industry’s first and top priority is employee safety and efficiency. In order to succeed in capturing this group of consumers, your business must consider what will be most useful. Lucky, Perfect Imprints has the solution. Here are 5 promotional products for the next Chicago construction job.

Gearing Up

When we see construction workers at a site, typically they are equipped with bright orange safety vests or bright neon shirts. Workers’ visibility is enhanced by high color contrast which allows them to be seen. This apparel increases construction safety and is part of their personal protective equipment or PPE. Perfect Imprints has a wide selection of safety apparel from safety hats to safety jackets. Apparel such as the Median safety long sleeve shirt. 100% polyester birdseye mesh and coming in both lime green and orange, this long sleeve will not only keep workers safe but also serve as an eye-catching advertising piece for your business. Safety apparel is a must-have for your next Chicago construction job. 

Be Seen In The Windy City!

Similar to safety apparel, reflector lights are an important piece of PPE. Typically inexpensive, reflector lights added supplementary visibility and protection. Perfect Imprints takes it to the next level with our flashing reflector light. Featuring 3 LED light settings (solid, blinking, flashing left to right) and an on/off control button on the back, this flashing reflector is sure to light up the construction job with your brand. 

Protective Gear For The Construction Job

Safety glasses are a no-brainer. Hazards can be avoided by equipping construction workers with protective eyepieces. Safety glasses protect against: 

  • Foreign objects or debris 
  • Extremely bright or unsafe light 
  • Prevent eye illnesses 
  • Chemicals and Pesticides 

Perfect Imprints safety glasses feature a wrap-around design that is sleek and lightweight-built for a universal fit and comfort for long periods of wear. Further, these glasses are made with scratch and impact-resistant lenses that exceed FDA and ANSI standards. Ideal for the construction job and that famous Chicago wind, these safety glasses are essential. 

Leatherman Micra 

The Leatherman Micra is a popular mini-tool with anglers, hobbyists, and spring-action scissors. Its compactable size is perfect for any tackle box or pocket, making it a handy product for construction workers. The key to this item is that it becomes personal to whomever you give it to. This means your brand/business will be remembered. According to PPW, 88% of promotional product recipients remember the name of the advertiser on the product. The Leatherman Micra is the perfect memorable tool to give at your next Chicago construction job. 

Sizing Up The Chicago Construction Job 

Tape measures are indispensable in an industry where a small miscalculation could mean a big disaster. Much like the Leatherman Micra, tape measures are mini tools that are compactable, easy to store, and useful to have. Perfect Imprints features an FT Tape measure: 

  • 25ft retractable metal ape 
  • English metrics scale 
  • Metal clip for belt
  • Right-hand design 
  • Push button for quick hold & release 

Packaged in a sleek black gift box, your brand is sure to make a sizable impression at the construction site. 

Show Your Appreciation 

This last product is a personal gift from your company to the construction workers. Show your appreciation to these hard-working laborers with a 16 oz. Stainless Steel Thermos. This 16 oz thermos has double-wall construction for insulated hot or cold liquids. It features a screw-on, spill-resistant lid, pop-up lid for pouring, and is BPA-free. It’s the perfect thank you gift at any construction job, especially during those cold, windy Chicago seasons.  

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