Top 8 Christmas Ornaments For Churches

Christmas ornaments for churches

Christmas ornaments are a great giveaway item for churches of all denominations. While they are a fun décor item, they are also a great way to invite people to your Christmas service or sell them as a fundraiser.

#1 Custom Shape Wooden Ornaments

These custom shape wooden ornaments are perfect for having them made in your logo or in the shape of your actual church building. Imprinting within the shape, you can advertise a fundraising effort, put information about the services, or simply wish families a Merry Christmas.

#2 Snowflake Nickel Ornament

While a snowflake ornament isn’t religious in nature, it gives a timeless Christmas cheer that is safe for all denominations. The shine of the metal is accentuated by the full color imprint in the center, promoting your logo vividly. Your congregation will love these and proudly support their church during the Christmas season!

If you want an option to print on both sides of snowflake ornaments, we have this popular double-sided option!

#3 Gingerbread Man Ornaments

If you plan to sell ornaments as a fundraiser, this is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Whether you are planning to draw in the little ones or market to adults, everyone loves gingerbread cookies. In fact, these gingerbread man ornaments make a great addition to a bake sale or Saturday market.

#4 Star of Bethlehem Ornament

In a statement of timeless elegance, the Star of Bethlehem is not only a religious symbol, but a beautiful decoration to remind people the meaning of Christmas. These Star of Bethlehem ornaments are a wonderful reminder of the purpose of Christmas and make for a wonderful fundraiser of giveaway item to start the giving season.

#5 Stocking Pewter Ornament

These stocking ornaments are a wonderful giveaway for families & make for a fun, modern Christmas gift. They are a timeless symbol of the giving nature of Christmas season, and they are also a fun way to make sure your families have a conversational prompt to discuss with children at home. It can be so difficult to explain to kids why Christmas is more than getting presents. These ornaments allow parents to easily start that conversation.  

#6 Custom Shape Acrylic Ornaments

These ornaments are the ultimate elegant decoration. With a laser etched imprint, these clear acrylic ornaments allow for clear definition of a logo without color. The simplistic design makes it appealing for anyone, and it goes with any year’s Christmas tree theme.

#7 Wooden Cross Ornaments

Wooden cross ornaments are a simple, clear way to communicate the meaning of Christmas without overly complicated designs. These ornaments allow for easy imprinting and clear communication.

#8 Confetti Filled Ornaments

Do you hope to captivate younger audiences with celebrations this holiday? These confetti filled ornaments are a great item to stay on the minds of young members. And adults will love them too as a fun decoration on a white tree.

Confetti filled ornaments

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