Top Corporate Christmas Holiday Ornaments

Top Selling Custom Christmas OrnamentsIt’s always a nice gesture to recognize your employees and your top clients each year with some type of corporate gift.

These gifts don’t always have to be expensive, but they should be thoughtful and memorable. Since Christmas is such a widely celebrated holiday, corporate Christmas ornaments make great giveaways to those important people that keep your company successful!

Many companies give out ornaments every year and to keep the anticipation with the holiday ornament giveaways, they change up the type of ornaments each year. This gives the recipients a nice collection of Christmas ornaments to use to decorate their Christmas tree. It also helps keep your company at the top of the mind of your clients.

Below you will find some of the top holiday ornaments to brand with your company or organization logo to give out to those on your Christmas list.

Top Custom Christmas Ornaments

Traditional Shatterproof Ball OrnamentsTraditional Ball Ornaments

These classic Christmas ornaments may never go out of style. These ornaments are the epitome of Christmas decorations and remain a top seller each and every year. The great characteristic of these ornaments is the ability to get them in so many color options to best match your company branding. Additionally, as the name implies, they are indeed shatterproof, so you don’t have to worry about carefully wrapping these in old newspaper each year. In order to really show off your company branding, you can get these ornaments with full color printing and even with a custom box design – packaging matters!

Ugly Sweater Christmas ornamentsCustom Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornaments

These ornaments are brand new this year and already becoming a top seller! If you really want a unique ornament to give away with your company branding, these ugly sweater Christmas ornaments are the perfect holiday gift for you. While most other companies are giving away more traditional ornaments, such as the one above, you can give away ornaments that will certainly generate some lively conversation! Choose from a stock ugly sweater background or create your own completely custom sweater to be as ugly as you want!

Custom Wood Christmas OrnamentsCustom Shape Laser Cut Wooden Ornaments

If you want your brand to stand out, custom is almost always better. Custom shaped ornaments ensure no other company is giving out the same gift as you. You don’t have to rely on cookie cutter shapes. These wood ornaments are laser cut into the shapes of your choice. The natural look of wood has a classic appeal, which will represent your company well. What shape will you have cut? Your logo? Your mascot? These wooden ornaments are made of 1/4″ birch wood. If you want a lower cost option, check out these stock shape budget-friendly 1/8″ thick wooden ornaments.

Light-Up Glass OrnamentsLight-Up Glass Custom Christmas Ornaments

Make sure your custom corporate Christmas ornaments stand out on the trees of your employees and clients with these light up glass ball ornaments. Choose from four classic holiday colors that are branded with your company logo and packaged in an impressive retail packaging. These ornaments include LED lights which shine through the ball ornaments to illuminate your logo. Three replaceable button cell batteries are included! The unique, LED functionality helps set your ornament apart from the many other ornaments on the Christmas tree.

Engraved Crystal Christmas OrnamentsCrystal Ornaments

Nothing says elegance like crystal. If you want to make a great impression with high-end clients, think crystal. Crystal ornaments have a very high perceived value and they look beautiful on your Christmas tree. Many other shapes are available besides the pictured oval ornament, including round, bell, tree, arch, and diamond. Shop all of the crystal ornaments to make sure you get the best shape for your clients. These are deep etched with your logo or design, so your logo will NEVER wear off the ornaments.

Custom Snowflake OrnamentsSnowflake Ornaments

The snowflake is another classic shape that represents the Christmas season. The hope of a white Christmas is always in the back of your mind if you live in a state that snows often. These snowflake shaped ornaments are beautiful additions to trees and great to promote your company. Your logo is printed in full color on the epoxy dome in the center of the snowflake. These low cost customized ornaments are perfect for small or large businesses.

By establishing a new annual tradition of giving out corporate holiday ornaments, you train your clients to keep your company at the top of their minds with each Christmas season. Since fourth quarter Christmas sales are often a critical part of annual sales, this is a simple and effective marketing strategy to continue to grow your company.

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