A term you’ve likely been hearing lately is “Instagram Aesthetic”. If you aren’t an avid user of social media, you may be wondering, what does that even mean?

Have you ever looked at someone’s page, and noticed how every posts color seems to flow? They most likely have a planned, deliberate, “Instagram aesthetic”.

The reason for using an Instagram aesthetic is to look professional and well put-together. It sticks to specific fonts, colors, and filters to create an overall look and feel for your feed.

This can require some planning, editing, and overall more effort than the average Instagram page. The results from this are bound to result in more followers and a broadened audience.

Now you might be thinking, couldn’t there be a million different Instagram aesthetics with all the potential combinations of fonts, colors, and filters? You’re absolutely right. However, with Instagram aesthetics becoming increasingly popular, you don’t have to go very far to find inspiration and see what works well.

As long as you have a solid idea of what your brand stands for and is trying to communicate, finding the right Instagram aesthetic will be a piece of cake.

To get you started, here are some of the top Instagram aesthetics that are sure to give you plenty of ideas for how to successfully use them for your business on Instagram.

Black & White

birds flying over boat

A black and white aesthetic stands out from the crowd of colorful posts throughout Instagram. With black and white being the furthest possible colors from each other, they give a clean, mature, and modern feel to your social media. The distinctness between these colors is great contrast without being overwhelming as well.

This is an especially great option for all the photographers out there who are looking to spruce up their page. In the early days of photography, everything was printed in black and white, so it’s a fitting association for that type of business as well. It’s also a great way to truly highlight the content itself, rather than the colors in the content.

Take Alan Schaller’s Instagram for example. Not only does his feed have an entirely black and white aesthetic, but each photo has a white border which creates separation between the photos. It makes the page flow well and highlights his work. It’s small details in an Instagram aesthetic like the white border that can tie it all together.

The black and white Instagram aesthetic is also a great option for cologne companies, suit tailors, hair salons, and jewelry stores. It can fit a mature, modern, masculine, or feminine brand.


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Another great option for photographers, or any other light-hearted, feminine business, is a pastel aesthetic.

Maria Marie’s Instagram is a great example of this. Her page is full of beautiful, pastel-colored posts without feeling forced.

Having an Instagram aesthetic doesn’t mean every photo has to be virtually the same color, it just means they have a similar feel and color scheme that work well together.

Pastel colors are light, soft, and calming. They aren’t too harsh to look at and are definitely pleasing to the eye.

Home goods stores, children’s clothiers, cosmetics, baby supply companies, and boutiques are all good fits for this aesthetic. This color scheme works well because it gives a welcoming and friendly feel to an Instagram page.

turned on green, purple, and blue neon lights


Bright, neon colors are known for creating excitement and energy. This makes neon colors a great aesthetic option for tattoo parlors, event venues, bars, arcades, makeup companies, and some restaurants.

Sam Ushiro’s Instagram is full of bright, neon colors and is a great inspiration if this is the aesthetic you aspire to have. She does a great job of having a consistent variety of colors. Ultimately creating a feed of content that anyone would likely stop and take a second glance at.


Having a monochromatic Instagram aesthetic is a bold, yet subtle way to tie your feed together.

Hailey Miller’s Instagram is primarily full of orange and teal tones. This gives her page an adventurous, bohemian vibe that supports her brand aesthetic.

A monochromatic theme like this can be great because it allows you to utilize your brand colors in a beneficial way. It can be used to help familiarize and associate a certain color with your company.


It is extremely important that when using an Instagram aesthetic, you don’t just worry about color. The content is vital to the success and effectiveness of your aesthetic.

It doesn’t matter if your entire feed is beautifully constructed with various shades of blue, or full of cohesive natural tones if the content isn’t right.

If your company sells macarons, and your feed has a pastel-colored aesthetic, the wrong posts can ruin it. While it might flow well when viewed as a whole, if the Instagram page is full of random photos of the beach (in pastel tones), it’s going to throw off the aesthetic.

This goes the other way as well. Imagine you’re scrolling through the feed of a shaving supply company which is a masculine brand. If their content features high-quality images of their products, but the colors are feminine the brand won’t get attention.

Keep It Cohesive

The most important thing to remember here is to keep it cohesive.

Not only do the contents on your page need to go well together, but they should also match your brand in a way that makes sense.

The colors, fonts, and content should perfectly align with what your brand is and does. The good news is, that isn’t as difficult to do as you might think.

Chances are, you’ve already gotten your mission statement, logo, and a thorough understanding of what your company aims to communicate. Moving forward with an Instagram aesthetic will just take some browsing, and a plan to ensure your page sticks to that aesthetic without fail.

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