Touchdown! 10 Football Spirit Items Your Team Will Love

10 Football Spirit Items Your Team Will Love

Are you looking for fun ways to promote your team this season?

With more than 778 colleges and universities now offering football, standing out from the crowd is essential.

Football spirit items are guaranteed to keep the excitement going long after match day is over and there are loads of novel products to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for mini foam footballs to throw into the crowd or full-size custom footballs to give away as prizes, the perfect item for your team will be out there.

In need of a little inspiration before you choose your team’s promotional items?

Keep reading for ten awesome suggestions, along with tips on how to use them for maximum effect.

1. Mini Plastic Footballs With Your Team Logo

If you’re looking for a small memento that players and fans can display at home, on their desk, or in their vehicle, mini plastic footballs are an excellent option.

Mini footballs are available in a wide range of colors, so you can pick the one that matches your team. Choose from standard shades like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, or opt for gold and silver to commemorate special events.

You can print your team’s logo directly onto the ball, making it a great, low-cost advertisement.

Mini plastic footballs are durable yet affordable, so fans should keep them around for a while. This helps you to get the most bang for your buck.

2. Football-Themed Stress Balls and Squeezies

Want to give away a football item that’s interactive and genuinely useful?

Football-themed stress balls are a great option available in a range of designs. You could choose a squeezie that’s shaped like a football helmet or opt for one that looks like a miniature football.

As with mini plastic footballs, you can print logos, names, and slogans directly onto the stress ball in full color.

Stress balls are a great way for fans to relieve tension and anxiety — something we could all use during those close matches!

They’re also likely to be popular with school and college students who face tons of stress throughout the academic year. With personalized stress balls, they’ll be reminded of your team every time they need to relieve tension.

Try giving out free stress balls during the first week of term or just before exam season.

3. Mini Vinyl Footballs in Multiple Colors

How about creating a set of promotional items for fans to collect?

Having your team logo printed onto mini vinyl footballs in multiple colors is a fun way to create a bit of competition and turn collecting them into a game amongst fans.

You could even purchase smaller quantities of a ‘special’ color like gold, silver, or glow-in-the-dark white, intentionally turning them into a ‘rare’ and sought after item.

Giving the mini footballs away at events should increase attendance and help generate hype, especially if people know there are only one or two ‘special’ colors to be found at each event.

Get creative and find different ways to use mini footballs throughout the year.

At Easter, you could hide them in place of eggs. During Halloween, you could give them away at a ‘trick or treat’ style event. At Christmas, you could use them to fill special team stockings.

The possibilities are endless, so this is a great item to stock up on.

Mini vinyl footballs even feature a re-inflatable valve, meaning they can be enjoyed for years to come.

4. Foam Footballs to Throw Into the Crowd

Looking for a fun item that’s safe to throw into the crowd on game days?

Mini foam footballs are the perfect choice.

They can be printed with anything you like and are available in plenty of different colors. They’re a wonderful, safe giveaway option, ideal if you have lots of kids in the audience.

It’s even possible to get foam footballs made from a special ‘mood’ material which changes color when you squeeze it, reacting to the change in temperature. These are tons of fun and really help your team to stand out.

Foam footballs aren’t just perfect for game day giveaways; they can also be used at fundraising events, parties and more.

Despite their softness, foam footballs are durable, with no need to reinflate.

They’re available in a range of sizes — you could order smaller ones for kids and larger ones for adults.

5. Fun Football Rockets for Fans to Play With

Want to give out an item that fans can play with after the game is over?

Football rockets are popular with kids and adults alike, and perfect for summer giveaways.

The entire rocket is made of soft, lightweight foam, making it safe and practical. The tip of the rocket is shaped to look like a football and can be branded with anything you wish.

Launching the rockets through the air is tons of fun — they’re really aerodynamic and perfect for all kinds of games.

This is a great one to give out at events where kids will be playing outdoors, like barbeques and summer parties.

If you run clubs for kids or have a junior team, give rockets away at your next event. Once the kids take them home to use with friends, the word about your team will spread fast.

These rockets are also a great beach toy, so they should go down well if you’re located close to the ocean.

6. Edible Chocolate Footballs

It’s scientifically proven that people love free food, so investing in some edible chocolate footballs to give to fans is a smart move.

Edible chocolate footballs are available in branded gift bags, tubes, boxes, and hampers.

Gift bags are a nice affordable option that can be given out for free since you only need to include a small number of chocolates. They’re a fun thing to pop on seats before games or give to the first few people through the doors at events.

Tubes are another great packaging choice which look a little fancier, with space for longer slogans to be printed along the length of the tube.

If you want your chocolates to come in a branded container that fans can keep forever, consider a round metal tin or a glass jar. There’s plenty of room for artwork and both options are fun to reuse.

Tins could be refilled with mints, while jars could be used for sweets at home.

Window tins are a great option as fans will actually be able to see the chocolate footballs, but you’ll still have space to brand the tin with your team name.

Hampers including chocolate footballs and other sweet treats make great auction items at fundraising events. They can also be used as prizes when you run competitions.

Chocolate footballs might not be as long-lasting as other items, but they do make a great impression on fans and can easily be given away in reusable containers.

They’re also really popular with students and kids — after all, who can say no to chocolate?

7. Football Luggage Tags for Traveling

Want to help players and fans represent the team when they go on vacation?

Football-shaped luggage tags let them do just that, and they can be printed with artwork that covers the entire tag. This makes them a great option if you want to add custom art based on your team, instead of just a logo.

The tags are made of durable plastic and are 100% recyclable, so won’t hurt the earth. They come with a T-shirt or buckle strap, allowing fans to attach them securely to luggage.

They’re a great way to spread the word about your team, especially if you’re in a small town.

If your players travel for games, giving them each their own custom tag is a nice touch that helps build team spirit — and avoid lost luggage.

All luggage tags are in the shape of footballs, with space for writing important details on the back. They’re a great choice if you want to give away something that has a practical use.

8. Mini Football Key Chains

Like the idea of mini plastic footballs and stress balls but want something fans can carry with them?

Mini football key chains are the perfect solution.

You’ll have all the customization options you would with regular mini footballs, with the added bonus that they’re attached to a key chain.

This means that fans will be reminded of your team every single time they use their keys, keeping you top of mind.

Key chains are especially popular with new college students who will want something to keep them from losing the keys to their dorm room. Give them away at the start of the school year to get people excited about your team right away.

Football key chains are designed to look exactly like miniature footballs, in a standard tan color. They have space for a team slogan or logo on one side and are securely attached to a high-quality key ring.

9. Custom Football-Themed Hot and Cold Packs

Branded hot and cold packs are a great football-themed item to treat your fans to, no matter what season it is.

The packs contain a special liquid and can be microwaved for warm therapy, or frozen for cool therapy. They’re really easy to use and can be reused over and over again.

The packs are available in the shape of a football and can be branded with team logos, names, or slogans.

They’re a cool, unique item that not many other teams will be offering, and they’re genuinely useful.

If it’s cold out, the packs are a great way to stay cozy while watching the game — they’re just the right size to hold in your hand or slip into a jacket.

When it’s hot, frozen packs are a nice way to cool down after matches.

Heat and ice therapy is sometimes used to treat sports injuries, helping to soothe joints and relax muscles. This means that the packs can be used by players to get relief from joint pain after practice or to help treat minor injuries.

Say goodbye to holding a bag of peas on that injury, and hello to using a cool custom ice pack!

Keep a selection of custom packs in stock and give them out on game days that are especially hot or cold — your fans will thank you for it.

10. Full-Size Customized Footballs

Looking for a promotional item that will appeal to your hardcore fans?

Full-size custom footballs branded with your team name, logo, and colors will quickly become a highly sought after item among your biggest supporters.

Made from synthetic leather, these items have the look and feel of a genuine football, without the cost. As with smaller footballs, they have a re-inflatable valve which guarantees they’ll look great for years to come.

There’s plenty of space for a large, eye-catching design, making the finished product look really striking.

Full-size footballs with a white side are ideal for signatures and can be used as prizes during contests and auctions. Be sure to use permanent markers for an autograph that will stand the test of time.

Since full-size footballs are larger than most promotional items, they’re a good choice if you’re looking for something to sell rather than give away for free.

For true fans, there’s no substitute for a full-size football emblazoned with their team’s logo.

Why Invest in Custom Football Spirit Items?

Wondering whether or not to take the plunge and purchase your own football spirit items?

If you want to promote your team, generate excitement ahead of matches, and attract new fans, investing in custom items is a no-brainer.

They’re perfect for giving away at matches and events, selling to raise funds, or giving away as part of fan competitions.

They’ll help you stand out from other teams in the area and build a real sense of team spirit, increasing your chances of a successful season!

Ready to order your own custom football items?

Visit our online store to browse the entire range of football products, choose your colors, and upload your own designs today.

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