Treating your Employees to a True Staycation

Are you looking for ways to treat your employees? Have they gone above and beyond during these trying times? If they’re still working remotely, you may want ways to improve company morale or just thank your employees for sticking with you during these trying times.

Since it’s summer and most families are missing their traditional vacations, why not help your employees enjoy their homes ‘staycation style’? Give them the things they won’t spend money on right now, but receiving as a gift from you would mean the world to them.

Help your employees create the staycation of their dreams, treating their family to some fun times, making the most of their time together.

Here are our favorite ways to create a staycation while staying safe. 

Get the Party Started

Encourage families to have some backyard fun with some great personalized items. Speakers, sunglasses, games, and bottle openers are just the tip of the iceberg. 

Let’s start! 

What better way to create a fun and silly atmosphere than with speakers? Whether your employees have a pool, lay out the sprinkler, or get wild and crazy with a slip and slide, blasting the family’s favorite tunes gets everyone excited.

Even if water fun isn’t a part of their plans, backyard fun is always better with their favorite tunes. Take turns at karaoke, play ‘guess that song,’ or just blast the music and have fun playing backyard games, like volleyball, croquet, or yard darts.

Sending your employees’ families sunglasses really get the party started. Matching sunglasses in fun shades and styles create fun family photo ops and get the ideas rolling. Create fun with neon-colored sunglasses, or act ‘cool’ in the aviator shaped glasses. Make it a company contest – which family can create the funniest, silliest, or most unique family photo using the sunglasses?

What’s a party without games, right? Backyard games are easy to start. A simple game of freeze tag, kickball, or water balloon toss is always a hit. Want to make things more exciting? Send your employees a Corn Hole set, or heat up the competition with the Tumble Tower

Don’t forget about mom and dad during this time. It’s always 5 o’clock somewhere, right? Branded bottle openers and corkscrews provide parents with their own fun as they relax and watch the kids have fun during their staycation. Both are another ‘gift that keeps on giving’ too. 

Heading to the Beach 

Are your employees tired of their own four walls? Maybe they need a change of pace and want to head to the beach for the day. It’s a great addition to any staycation as it’s relatively safe if you can keep social distance, or better yet, find a secluded beach. 

The kids can enjoy the sand and water – forgetting about the worries the pandemic’s caused while parents sit back and enjoy the peace and quiet of the tranquil environment. The beach is another great reason to gift bottle openers and corkscrews as families unwind and forget about life at home, even if only for a few hours. 

Other fun ways to encourage a beach staycation include:

  • Gift personalized beach towels. You provide your employees with a generous gift while providing shameless advertising. Since beach towels last for many years, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. We have a large variety of sizes and styles, including cabana style, full color, and white beach towels
  • Beach balls make the beach more fun. What better place for a beach ball, than the beach? Kids love throwing beach balls around and parents can even get in on the fun. We offer a large selection of styles, colors, and even fun shapes (ever seen a football-shaped beach ball?). 
  • Frisbees are a must-have at the beach. Tossing a Frisbee requires a lot of open space, which you’ll find at the beach. Teach kids to throw a Frisbee for the first time, or have a family Frisbee game in the middle of the beach. Enjoy the relaxing water and have some family laughs as you dive, splash, and hopefully catch the Frisbee. 
  • Everyone needs flip flops. Gift your employees and their families flip flops for their time at the beach. Branded with your company name, it’s another opportunity for a little shameless advertising. Most people wear flip flops all summer long, giving your advertising dollars a little more return on your investment. 

Encourage a Sporty Staycation

Are your families running out of ideas for their family staycation? When it feels like you’ve done every activity 10 times over, it can get exhausting. Help your employees come up with new ideas by encouraging new sports. Tennis, golf, and volleyball are all great family summertime sports.

  • Tennis visors are a natural for tennis players. Give families matching tennis visors and encourage a little friendly competition. Whether they’ve never played before or they’re experts, it’s a great time to remind families of the fun a game of tennis can create.
  • Now is a great time to learn golf. Whether your families have young kids or teens – golf is a game everyone can play. Gift golf accessories, such as golf ball markers, golf pencils, golf towels, and golf tees, and see which families have the most fun creating new family memories play golf. 
  • Anyone can play volleyball. Kids of all ages can learn to play volleyball, as it’s a valuable skill. Adults play on the beach, families play at parties, and of course, it’s a popular school sport too. Gift volleyballs (full size or mini) to your employees and get a friendly game of volleyball started. Even if they don’t have a net, they can start teaching the basics, taking their newfound family skills to the beach when they’re ready. 

Protect your Employees on their Staycations

Of course, there should always be safety precautions, even on staycations. Create gift baskets for your employees with a theme, whether beach, sport, or just relaxation, but make sure to include the things they’ll need most, like sunblock, lip balm, and maybe even hats.

  • Don’t forget the sunscreen! Encourage your families to have an amazing time connecting with their families, but to stay safe too with personalized sunscreen bottles. We offer a variety of sizes and options including bottles that attach to a beach bag so they never leave home without it.
  • Sunscreen protects the body, but lip balm with SPF protects the lips. If families will be outside all day soaking up the sun, make sure they protect their lips from not only sunburn but painful wind chapping too. 
  • Create even more family fun with matching hats. Baseball hats protect the face from the sun. Athletic mesh caps keep wearers safe and cool; visors keep the head cool while protecting the face from the sun, and bucket hats scream summer fun!

Have fun treating your employees to a little staycation. During these unprecedented times, we all have to think outside of the box, thinking of ways to stay connected, while having fun. Fortunately, there are many ways to connect safely, while having some friendly competition, getting silly, and enjoying time together. We hope your families find amazing ways to connect during these times. 

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