Trendy Tuesday – Thundersticks

Trendy Tuesday - Custom Noisemakers


Thundersticks are one the most popular stadium noisemakers, which is why they’re being featured today on Trendy Tuesday. These thundersticks are the best noisemakers for any sort of game, from basketball to football to soccer. They include a valve for re-inflation so you can use them over and over again. Additionally, they have a huge imprint area many colors to choose from so your logo is sure to be noticed.

Custom Noisemakers -- Thundersticks

Thunderstick Features

    • Printed in the USA.
    • Handy re-inflation value so that these thundersticks are re-usable.
    • Loud and bright, so message is sure to be noticed.
    • Huge imprint area for your advertising message
    • Minimum of only 100 pair.

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