It’s been a long and unpredictable year – and that’s putting it lightly. No one thought COVID would be around for more than a few weeks at most. Yet here in October with no sign of the pandemic making an exit any time soon.

While things are different, that doesn’t mean we have to give up something we all look forward to like Halloween. Trick-or-treating and other Halloween festivities don’t have to be canceled, just navigated differently this time around.

If you’re a parent, you’re most likely feeling a little nervous and concerned about your children at this time. You want them to experience all of the joys of being a kid, but at what risk? Worry no more.

Here are some ideas for how you can celebrate Halloween in the safest way possible this year.

For the person passing out candy:

Bags are used for trick-or-treating on Halloween of course, but what about giving out candy in individual bags?

Just the thought of handing out fistfuls of candy between numerous children’s’ trick-or-treat bags invokes enough horror to give Halloween itself a run for its money – even if you wore gloves.

Even worse- leaving a bowl full of candy on your doorstep as those numerous children dig through that same bowl for their favorite jolly-rancher flavor. Sounds like germ-city. Not very COVID-conscious, is it?

Now let’s talk about the simple solution to this problem. Individual candy bags.

With this idea, you can get small Halloween bags to individually wrap a few pieces of candy for each trick-or-treater. This minimizes the physical interaction between you and all the costumed children. This leaves everyone feeling safer without compromising the trick-or-treating festivities.

Even if you are a “leave the bowl on the porch” kind of person, this makes it much easier for children and their parents. If all they have to do is grab a candy bag and go, there’s no need to worry about how many other people’s hands have dug around in that same bowl. Easy-peasy and low stress for everyone.

If you want to go a step further, because you can never be too safe, leave the bags arranged on your porch instead of in a bowl. You might save money on buying a big Halloween bowl by ordering a few festive Halloween bags instead!

For the person taking their kids trick-or-treating:

You’re worried about your kid’s health as well as your own, and that’s completely valid.

Although there isn’t much more you can do than wear a mask, have your kids wear masks, and expect those handing out candy to wear their masks, there are always ways to cheer them up and make the most of it.

If you typically grab a random reusable bag from your closet for your kids to use as trick-or-treat bags, you should treat them to a custom Trick-or-Treat bag or bucket.

This will make them feel extra excited to go out and show off their awesome trick-or-treating gear.

To make it even better, you could always choose a custom design that will compliment your child’s Halloween costume.

Nothing will make their COVID involved trick-or-treating experience better than a matching bag or bucket that doesn’t clash with their costume or feel like the typical Halloween bags that everyone else has.

Just imagine the look on their face when you surprise them with a red and gold bucket to match their iron man costume or a fancy custom bucket to complement their Elsa and Anna costumes.

With custom trick-or-treat accessories, they’ll be feeling the full part of their costume. This takes the whole event to the next level and your kids will be thrilled with it!

This is sure to make your kids feel special, and they’ll probably find a way to use it all year. Although they may outgrow their Halloween costumes, they definitely won’t outgrow that cool trick-or-treating bucket that Mom and Dad got them.

The next thing you know, a custom trick-or-treat bag has now become a great memory for the family, despite what could’ve been a depressing and dull holiday. Who knows? They may even hold on to it and let their future kids use them someday!

For the HOA worried about their community:

Similar to the individual candy bag idea, you could always opt to order festive, Halloween buckets for all the kids in your neighborhood.

Doing something together like this is great for those tight-knit communities who may be feeling a little more distant than usual. It’s a great way to do something “together” in a sense, while we are all feeling so separated.

The kids will also love having matching Halloween buckets. You could even put a few goodies in the buckets for them to make up for the odd circumstances.

These could even be used for the adults to give out to the children by leaving them on the porch, similar to the individual candy bags.

This is a very thoughtful option as well because these custom buckets can be reused throughout the year, as well as for future Halloween festivities.

Just because we are physically apart doesn’t mean we have to give up fun traditions, costumes, bags, and pumpkins. There are always ways to continue on with life safely.

For all of the above:

Hopefully, any anxiety or worry you had previously has been eased with these simple and easy suggestions.

This year’s trick-or-treating doesn’t have to be any less fun than last year’s. It may be better than ever once you spice it up with some custom trick-or-treat buckets, candy bags, and more!

You and your children won’t soon forget a year like this, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Custom bags and buckets have countless uses for a holiday like Halloween in terms of both safety and fun. Everyone is guaranteed to love them, and the best part? They can be reused countless times.

Don’t let the COVID blues ruin your Halloween. With the given suggestions, your kids are bound to have a fun-filled trick-or-treating experience. You may even forget there’s a pandemic going on with all the festive fun you have this year!