Trick or Treat Gifts Don’t Have to Be Candy

Halloween Trick or Treat GiveawaysWhen you think about trick or treating, candy is the first thing that comes to mind to drop in a trick or treat bag. However, is there something better you can give out? Of course, from a health perspective, there is always something better than candy.

But thinking beyond edible treats, there are many other options, including toys, educational items, and safety items.

My personal favorite Halloween giveaways that I want to focus on in this blog are safety items. These are way better than candy to give out to trick or treaters. Not only will they help keep kids safer while trick or treating, but they will also promote your business.

The reason I want to focus on safety giveaways is because Halloween is the deadliest day of the year for child-related pedestrian fatalities. This statement shouldn’t scare you into banning your children from participating in trick or treating, but I hope it does urge you to stress safety rules to your children.

Teach them how to stay safe and make sure they are visible to drivers by wearing reflective material and carrying a flashlight or flashing strobe light. Follow these safety tips in order to keep your kids safe while trick or treating on Halloween night.

Below are my favorite Halloween safety promotional items that are perfect to give away to children trick or treating in your neighborhood. If you have a business with a storefront, you can hand out these safety items during the month of October.

Top Halloween Safety Giveaways

Reflective Trick or Treat Bags

Custom trick or treat bags made out of a reflective material greatly increases the visibility of trick or treaters. Choose from either plastic or non-woven polypropylene Halloween bags with reflective piping. If you opt for the non-woven bags, the bags can be saved and used again the following Halloween.

Glow SticksCustom Glow Sticks for Halloween

Glow sticks are the most budget-friendly of all the Halloween safety items. These low price giveaways emit a glow in various colors when activated. To activate, you simply bend the stick, shake it around, and it will immediately begin to glow. You can choose a stock printed option as pictured, blank options with no printing, or custom printed glow sticks. After trick or treating, these glow sticks are disposable, but they will help fulfill the goal of keeping trick or treaters safer.

Promotional Strobe LightsClip-On Safety Strobe Lights

These flashing strobe lights are also nicely priced to give out in mass quantities, and they come with an added bonus over glow sticks…they are reusable. These are not only great for trick or treating on Halloween, but great to clip on your shirt while bike riding, running, or walking at night. Your logo is boldly printed on the front of the strobe, so everyone is reminded who is promoting their safety.

Custom Flashing Arm Bands/BraceletsStrobe Arm Bands

Flashing bracelets are great Halloween giveaways to promote nighttime visibility for children who are trick or treating. These flashing tube bracelets are fun toys that kids will love while keeping them safe and promoting your company at the same time. They come in several different colors and have several flashing patterns as well as a constant on option. They are adjustable to fit different wrist sizes.

LED Shoe Lights for RunnersShoe LED Lights

These nifty safety items aren’t just for Halloween. These are made specifically for walkers and runners to clip on the back of their tennis shoes so they will be visible from the back. These are perfect to promote safety in children not only during trick or treating, but all year. The clip on LED shoe lights fit both adult and children’s shoes.



Custom Flashlights

Custom printed flashlights can range from inexpensive key chain lights to super bright premium flashlights. However, for trick or treat giveaways, the lower price, promotional types are the best option since you will likely be giving away quite a few on Halloween night.

For any of the safety items above, don’t simply drop the items in the bags of trick or treaters. Instead, promote each trick or treater to immediately begin using the item to promote increased visibility for the rest of the night.

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