Truck Driver Appreciation Gifts During A Pandemic

National Truck Driver Appreciation week won’t come around until September. But that just doesn’t seem soon enough in these times.

Through this pandemic, and through many other natural disasters and traumatic times, truck drivers work fearlessly to keep food on the shelves in all our towns. They are driving through the night, in storms, and through the traffic of evacuations and lockdowns.

The grocery stores, utilities businesses, vet clinics, medical facilities, and all those online shops rely on the trucking industry to get the things they depend on- the things you need.

So, while we are working remotely and avoiding contact with others, truck drivers are on the roads. And while that may be a lot of time alone- it certainly means stops at truck stops, rest areas, and gas stations. Truck drivers are risking their health to get the things we need delivered to us through these difficult times.

If your company has been dependent on a team of truckdrivers and suppliers, don’t forget to show them your appreciation. When this chaos is behind us, those companies that were grateful and treated their employees and truckdrivers well are going to stand out.

Below are some of our top items for truck driver appreciation.

Sherpa Blanket

Sleep is important for all of us at work, but especially when driving a large truck. Those overnight trips can be difficult to sleep during, and it can get cold in the cab of a truck. Make sure your drivers are getting the rest they need and are able to stay comfortable on the road.

These Sherpa blankets are the perfect truck driver appreciation gifts.  Not only will your truckdrivers be warm thanks to you, but they will be able to have the comfort of home brought with them. And they will always remember your brand is taking great care of them.

Duffel Bag

As truck drivers are frequently having to drive on overnight trips, they are spending large time frames away from home. When preparing to leave, they and their families are going to want to make sure they are well prepared with everything they need.

Truck drivers are sure to appreciate a duffel bag that will let them stay ready for anything while they are on the road.

Highway Roadside Emergency Kit

Unfortunately, roadside emergencies are a part of being on the road for extended time periods. The best thing we can do is prepare for those situations, and truck drivers need to prepare even more. Spending more time on the road means more chances of emergencies, so this roadside emergency kit is a must-have for truck drivers.

Magnetic Metal Phone Mount

In many states, it is now illegal for drivers to have their phones in their hands or even in their lap. But many drivers depend on their phones for maps and directions. Make sure truck drivers for your company can safely get the directions they need, without breaking the law or doing anything unsafe. Branding a metal phone mount is a great way to make sure your brand stays in front of your truck drivers every day.

Safety Vests

When truck drivers have to face roadside emergencies, it is important that they are safely able to fix the issue. It can be dangerous to be on the side of the road, so keep your truck drivers safe with these safety shirts and vests. These truck driver appreciation gifts are useful year-round, meaning drivers are sure to hold onto them for years to come. If you

Hats and Caps

When on the road, many of us prefer to dress comfortably. And for many truck drivers that means wearing a comfy hat or cap. These staples are a great way to get your brand in front of truck drivers and other members of your target audience.

Travel Mug

No matter your job- you’re probably familiar with the need for a large cup of coffee on a rough day. Driving all day can certainly be reason enough to need a cup of coffee, and to minimize stops a large travel mug is a great gift for truck drivers.


When staying in the cab of a truck, space can be tight. But that doesn’t change the list of things you need on hand. A multitool can be a great gift for truck drivers, so they have everything they need without a box full of tools. Make sure your brand is part of their favorite truck driver appreciation gifts.

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