Types of Promotional Calendars and Why You Need Them All

Promotional Calendars

Okay, maybe you don’t need all of the promotional calendars, but here at Perfect Imprints, we are big fans of advanced planning. Having a couple of calendars in different formats can be critical to staying organized. 

My favorite combination is a day planner and a desk calendar. To help you find your ideal calendar combination or the combination that best suits your workforce, this blog analyzes the unique advantages of each calendar type. 

Day planners

Day planners are for the busy, organized professional that love notes. With a monthly calendar view, you can get a general overview of plans and mark days that you will be unavailable, such as vacation or conferences. 

Then, each week gets a 2-page spread so you have plenty of room to write in appointments, calls to make, and tasks to follow up on (all color-coded of course). I recommend appointments in black, calls in green, and tasks with urgency in red. 

The advantages of a day planner are primarily the amount of content they hold, but the ability to handwrite in a day planner easily beats the technology-based calendars. 

Desk calendars 

Desk calendars are my second favorite. They’re uniquely designed to help with those “Are you free on the 19th?” questions as people come into your office. You need to know at a glance what your schedule allows for. Your desk calendar allows you to quickly jot down appointments and meetings so you know when you can tell people you’re free. 

While you can always use a calendar for appointment setting, the real advantage lies in how easily accessible the desk calendar is. It can be used at a glance. There’s no flipping through pages or scrolling on an app. It’s right there in front of you at all times. 

Pocket planners

These miniature versions of a day planner are the best for traveling and on-the-go business people. Small enough to tuck into purses and pockets, these planners make it easy to always stay organized and set simple follow-up meetings and calls. 

With options from vibrant colors to professional leather bindings, your branding opportunities are limitless. 

Stick up calendars

Stick Self Adhesive Calendars are great for common areas, to help keep the entire team on a coordinated plan. Sticking up these calendars ensures that you can coordinate your whole team and become a great information distribution system. 

As a promotional mailer, they are lightweight and usually mail with no additional postage! Self-adhesive Value Stick Calendars are available in 24 stock shapes and 10 vinyl colors. You can also create your own custom shape with a small die charge.

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